Cruise Passenger Goes Viral for Cabin Safety Tips

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Just because you’re on a cruise vacation doesn’t mean perpetrators take a break from looking for opportunities to strike. Even though modern cruise ships are statistically one of the safest forms of travel, it’s still important to remain aware of one’s surroundings in case potential threats are lurking nearby. One TikToker has gone viral for her cruise safety tips for women sailing solo. 

Viral Cruise Safety Tips On TikTok

There is some truth to the saying “there’s safety in numbers.” Single travelers, and especially females traveling solo, tend to be more vulnerable targets. Luckily, Victoria from @victorias.way on TikTok has dedicated her channel to sharing travel safety tips, especially for women traveling by themselves. 

While onboard a newer MSC Cruises ship, Victoria filmed a video detailing her process to ensure no unwelcome passengers or crew can enter her stateroom. She posted the video on December 9, 2023, and it has since gone viral. She did not specify which ship she was on. 

After turning on the lights and locking her cabin door, Victoria ensures her cabin is extra secure with a portable door lock. She then closes the peephole and turns on the “do not disturb” button.

You can watch the video below:

For added security, the TikToker then installs a doorstop alarm at the base of her door, before using a closet hanger to connect the deadbolt to her bathroom door handle for added security, sort of like a makeshift security chain. She then rolls up a towel to stick in the door handle to block anyone from turning it.  

Finally, Victoria places a heavy piece of furniture against the door and installs a small, wireless security camera, before moving on to check out the balcony. After a brief survey of her surroundings, Victoria locks the balcony door and closes the curtain for privacy.

MSC Seashore Balcony Cabin
MSC Seashore Balcony Cabin (Photo Credit: ODIN Daniel)

At the time of this writing, Victoria’s video has 18.7 million views and 17,657 comments. While most TikTokers agreed with bringing the portable lock and doorstop, some felt the safety routine was a bit overkill, took too much time, or made it too hard to access emergency exits. 

“After the doorstop alarm, you’re doing entirely too much for a cruise,” wrote one TikTok user named MaKayla Turner. 

“Well, you spend the first 6 days of your 7 day cruise barricading your day,” commented a user posting as David Reynolds2489. 

“You forgot the guard dogs and the sniper tower w/spotlight,” joked a user going by the handle messerschmidt86. 

Ultimately, it’s up to the individual cruiser to decide what steps make them feel the most safe. Note that modern cruise ships typically have security onboard and CCTV in many public areas.

One day later on December 10, 2023, Victoria also posted a second video about coping with motion sickness during a stormy night at sea. So far, this TikTok has earned 833.2K views and garnered over 9,000 comments. 

In the 1-minute clip, Victoria shows how she uses seasickness patches, Dramamine tablets, and fresh air to find relief from motion sickness, before starting a dialogue in the comments by asking for more seasickness tips. 

Victoria’s Travel Safety Channel

The @victorias.way TikTok channel is full of videos with travel safety tips for vacations on land and at sea. As of January 1, 2024, the channel has 68.9K followers and 7.8 million video likes. 

In addition to mini cruise vlogs and cruise safety tips, Victoria, the face of the channel, also posts hotel safety tips, which contain useful information for those who arrive for their cruise early or remain in the port a few extra days.

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Victoria’s page has a “Hotel Safety Tips” playlist with 22 videos, which address how to prevent intruders from entering, checking for bed bugs, and answering questions from the comments. 

Additionally, Victoria has shared a playlist of six videos with home security tips, focusing on staying safe when home alone, preventing break-ins, and tips for keeping your home secure prior to leaving on vacation.

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