Cruise Line Will Become First to Implement Starlink Fleetwide

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American Queen Voyages, is following several other cruise lines by upgrading its entire fleet of seven vessels with SpaceX Starlink Maritime, a satellite-based internet service that provides fast, reliable, and global internet coverage for ships worldwide.

The company aims to provide its guests with the best internet access while cruising through North America. American Queen Voyages will become the first cruise line to have its entire fleet fully upgraded with Starlink technology with 5G backup.

American Queen Voyages has announced that it will be equipping its entire fleet of authentic paddlewheel riverboats, boutique exploration vessels, and expedition ships with satellite internet technology from SpaceX Maritime. 

American Queen Voyages is the first cruise line in the US to fully upgrade its entire fleet with cutting-edge new technology, providing guests with fast and reliable internet access while they explore North America.

The Starlink Maritime system is designed to provide satellite internet access and coverage globally. It is considered one of the fastest and most powerful internet services available, particularly for maritime environments. The system will be integrated with 5G cellular backup, ensuring a seamless and stable internet connection for guests and crew alike.

American Queen Voyages Ocean Navigator Ship
Photo Courtesy: American Queen Voyages

Each vessel in the American Queen Voyages fleet will have multiple maritime Starlink-grade kits, providing significant bandwidth in partnership with the FMC Global Sat 5G solution. 

Emmanuel Cotrel, Chief Executive Officer of FMC, commented: “FMC’s innovative solutions integrated with Starlink’s connectivity enables applications and services that require low latency and significant Mbps of bandwidth that were, until now, considered unrealistic or cost prohibitive. We are pleased to help provide American Queen Voyage passengers and crew with best-in-class internet connectivity wherever they travel.”

The technology will be an included amenity in American Queen Voyages’ luxurious all-inclusive offerings, ensuring that guests and crew can access the internet anywhere they travel.

Starlink will be installed, tested, and ready to use on all vessels before they set sail in 2023. American Queen, American Countess, and Ocean Navigator have already undergone Starlink installation and are ready for guests and crew to enjoy.

Improving the Guest & Crew Experience

With the upgrade to Starlink, American Queen Voyages aims to provide its guests with the ability to stay connected and access the internet at high speeds, much like they would at home. The fast and reliable internet service will allow guests to browse the web, stream content, and stay in touch with loved ones back home, making the cruise experience more enjoyable and stress-free.

“Upgrading our included Wi-Fi to Space X’s Starlink will enhance the guest and crew experience on all of our vessels,” said Cindy D’Aoust, president of American Queen Voyages. “This new internet service will now allow guests to stay connected while deeply discovering North America, enjoying the comforts of at-home Wi-Fi at sea.”


The upgrade to Starlink will not only improve the guest experience but will also enhance the crew experience. The fast and reliable internet service will allow crew members to communicate quickly and stay in touch with their loved ones, making the cruise experience better for everyone on board.

Guests sailing on a cruise on the American rivers will likely be able to use Starlink Maritime on a number of different river cruise ships this summer. Earlier this year, American Cruise Line announced it would also install Starlink onboard its cruise ships. 

Other companies that have so far announced they will start to use Starlink include Carnival Corporation, Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, Hurtigruten, and SeaDream Yacht Club. The system was also tested onboard the Norwegian Cruise Line cruise ship Norwegian Breakaway

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