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For cruise tips and advice you’re in the right place!

We are here to help and guide you through your cruise vacation. There are plenty of articles for you to read through and over time we’ll be adding even more so no topic will go uncovered.

Our writers have dug deep finding what really matters for your next cruise with tips for first-time cruisers and the more experienced ones. You can also hop on over to our new Cruise Port Tips section where we focus more on the popular destinations where ships go.

Anthem of the Seas

Discover Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas

As Anthem of the Seas has arrived at her new home Southampton, UK Cruise Hive will take a look onboard.
Mardi Gras, Former Carnival Cruise Ship

3 Carnival Cruise Ships: Then And Now

We'll look at some of those mega liners of their time and the ships that helped grow what has now become the worlds largest cruise company
Sand Laptop

6 Reasons Not To Take Your Laptop On A Cruise

We'll look at reasons why you shouldn't take your laptop with you on the cruise. just think it could also have an influence on the people cruising with you, trust us we know!
Cruise Ships

6 Reasons Why You Should Book A Cruise Online

It's true that almost everything is done online now so here are some reasons why you should be booking online with some handy cruise tips that can give you an advantage.
GoPro Cruise

5 Breathtaking GoPro Cruise Videos

5 breathtaking videos that we think will inspire and get us all in the cruising mood.
Cunard Cruise Ships

2015 Marks The 175th Anniversary of Cunard Line

2015 marks the 175th anniversary of Cunard Line, and they plan to mark the occasion with some very special events including all their ships meeting in Southampton and Liverpool. But it isn’t the first time the fleet of Queens have got together.
The Plank

Five of The Most Thrilling Activities At Sea

Cruise Hive looks at some of the most thrilling activities at sea, actually we should re name this article the most scariest, fast paced, heart pounding, nerve racking activities at sea.

5 Perfect Destinations In Cuba Where Cruise Ships Could Go

Yes that's right we mentioned CUBA! Recently US President Barack Obama announced that the United States is to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba.
Cruise Ship Movie

5 Movies That Feature Cruise Ships

It can always be nice to watch a good cruise ship movie and if you are in the mood here are five good ones that range from comedy to action.