Cruise Tips

Cruise Tips

Is it Safe to Go on a Cruise – All You Need to Know

It is not uncommon for guests to wonder, “is it safe to go on a cruise?” In answering the question, we address common concerns that passengers may have.

How to Design Your Cruise Family Shirts – 7 Tips

Taking a cruise to celebrate a special occasion? Perhaps you just want to mark the memory. Learn how to make your own cruise family shirts with these simple steps.

10 Cruise Packing Hacks You Need to Know

Going on a cruise? We offer great cruise packing hacks ranging from space saving tips in your cabin to what to pack to all the necessary cruise ship essentials.

Chef’s Table on Carnival Cruise Line – Everything You Need To Know

Here's everything you need to know about the Chef's Table experience on Carnival Cruise Line ships.

Norwegian Cruise Ships – Newest to Oldest (2022)

List of all Norwegian cruise ships from newest to oldest, along with ship details and the different classes.

How to Enjoy a Cruise Vacation in Uncertain Times

Find out how to enjoy a cruise vacation in uncertain times. We go through how to deal with unexpected situations that may occur.

How Big Is a Cruise Ship Engine?

Looking at a cruise ship, it is easy to wonder about the size of a cruise ship engine. Learn what it takes to power these massive floating hotels.

How Fast Does a Cruise Ship Propeller Spin?

Ever wonder how large a cruise ship propeller needs to be to move these massive ships? We discuss how fast they spin and other interesting facts.

Norwegian Star Cruise Ship: Overview and Things To Do

Here's everything you need to know about the Norwegian Star cruise ship operated by NCL, with vessel details and things to do.