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First Time Cruisers

The Aft Deck – A Popular Spot on a Cruise Ship

The aft deck of a cruise ship is usually one of the ship's busiest areas. This guide explains why it is such a popular spot on most cruises!

What to Expect During a Cruise Ship Muster Drill

Have you ever wondered what happens during a cruise ship muster drill? We have all of the answers. Here is everything you can expect as a passenger.

Aft of a Ship – What You Need to Know

Unsure what is meant by the aft of a ship? We can help you understand this nautical terminology. Our guide covers everything you should know!

Boarding a Cruise Ship – All You Should Know

Embarkation day is one of the most important days of your cruise. Not sure about the process of boarding cruise ships? Learn more in this article.

How Early Can You Board a Cruise Ship?

Are you wondering how early you can board a cruise ship and get your long-awaited vacation started? Find out in this article.

What Are the Best Cruise Lines for Families?

The best cruise lines for families provide family bonding opportunities and exciting entertainment. Learn what those cruise lines are in this article.

Is Deck 1 on a Cruise Ship Bad – Pros and Cons

Is deck 1 on a cruise ship bad? Some might find it unappealing, but others have it as their number one preference. Find out why in this article.

Cruise Ducks: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know!

Find out more about why guests hide cruise ducks, along with how it all started, the guidelines, and everything else you need to know!

What Is a Transpacific Cruise?

One of the top factors in choosing a cruise is choosing the location, such as the Pacific Ocean. What is a transpacific cruise? Learn more in this article.


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