Carnival Cruise Line Notifies Guests of Specific Policy

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Carnival Cruise Line Brand Ambassador John Heald has posted details of the cruise line’s mobility scooter policy and the size limitations for mobility devices onboard, urging guests to be aware of the requirements to avoid the possibility of being denied boarding if a scooter is oversized.

With increasing numbers of guests using such scooters, safety procedures must be followed to be sure hallways are not blocked and everyone can move through their staterooms safely.

Safety Guidelines for Mobility Scooters

In recent years as older travelers enjoy more adventures on the high seas, mobility scooters have become commonplace on cruise ships. Larger, more elaborate scooters, however, can have difficulty navigating narrow hallways and do not always fit within the occasionally tight confines of cruise ship cabins.

Carnival Cruise Line has urged guests to abide by the size guidelines for mobility scooters, highlighting the possible consequences of oversized gear.

“I know that for most people who use mobility scooters there are many challenges that they face in every day life, and there are a few on board as well with elevators being probably the biggest of those,” said John Heald, Carnival Cruise Line’s Brand Ambassador. “I do though need to share this with everyone who does use a mobility scooter as we respectfully need to make sure that this rule is followed.”

The cruise line’s policy addresses the size of scooters compared to different staterooms, including how Carnival officials may address the issue of scooters at cruise check-in.

“In order to purchase a standard stateroom, mobility devices must be able to fit through its 22″ (55.9 cm) wide entry doorway, and must fold and collapse so when stored, allows for safe exit from the stateroom,” the policy explains.

“Guests who bring scooters that are larger than 21″ (53.34 cm) wide, or travel with multiple scooters in the same stateroom, must purchase a fully accessible stateroom with a wider doorway (32”, 81.3 cm), or rent a smaller scooter appropriately suited for their stateroom.”

Cruise Ship Mobility Scooter
Cruise Ship Mobility Scooter (Photo Credit: Joni Hanebutt)

Accessible staterooms generally have more generous floorspace as well as fewer barriers between the stateroom door, bathroom door, and the overall space in the room. These staterooms also often have automatic door entries, as well as additional emergency alert systems in the room in case of falls or other emergencies.

To ensure that guests with mobility scooters are in compliance with the equipment’s size restrictions, scooters that appear overly large may be measured when guests check-in at the cruise terminal to ensure the equipment will fit safely in the stateroom.

“Scooters that do not fit in the stateroom will not be allowed on board,” the policy states. “Should a guest be unable to make alternate arrangements to rent a smaller scooter or travel without it, he/she will be denied boarding and no compensation will be provided.”

Scooter rentals must usually be arranged in advance of sailing and may not be able to be processed on embarkation day if travelers have not made reservations for the equipment. Which rental companies that are available as well as what types of scooters they may have will vary for different embarkation ports.

“Please make sure that this is followed, I would really be very sad if someone arrives at embarkation with one of those extra large mobility scooters and was denied boarding,” Heald said.

Is the Policy Enforced?

Frequent Carnival cruisers are well aware that mobility scooters are often left outside staterooms, parked in hallways. This is not in accordance with the cruise line’s policy, and raises concerns that the policy is not sufficiently enforced onboard.

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Carnival Horizon Lido Deck
Carnival Horizon Lido Deck (Photo Credit: Cruise Hive)

It can be a difficult situation for crew members to confront passengers who may be in violation of the policy. In some cases, travelers may be unaware of the rule that scooters cannot be parked in the hallways, while others may simply but taking advantage of laxness for greater convenience.

While all 27 ships in the Carnival fleet do have accessible staterooms onboard, the number and location of such cabins is limited and they can fill up quickly, especially on popular sailings or longer Carnival Journeys cruises.

Heald spreading word of the policy may be an indication that the cruise line will shortly begin enforcing the rules more strictly. All guests who use mobility devices – not just scooters, but also wheelchairs or walkers – should be aware of the policy and able to comply with the device size restrictions at all times.

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