Carnival Cruise Line Introduces New Loyalty Gift

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Carnival Cruise Line has unveiled its newest gift for the most loyal passengers, part of the VIFP program for travelers who have reached the Platinum and Diamond levels of accumulated cruise points.

The new gift is a stylish navy blue tote bag, convenient and useful for beach days, visits to the pool, or just carrying along essentials around the ship, while exploring a port of call, or on any shore tour.

The new gift has been revealed by the cruise line’s Brand Ambassador, John Heald, on his popular Facebook page, and is already met with great excitement by Carnival cruise fans.

“The new VIFP gift is on some ships and will be across the fleet in the coming weeks. It is a tote bag,” Heald announced. “I hope you like it.”

The rectangular tote bag is Carnival Cruise Line’s signature navy blue, with sturdy red canvas handles sewn to each side for easy carrying. A leather patch with the Carnival Cruise Line logo and “VIFP CLUB” is attached to the side, and the light-colored interior is lined with a print proclaiming “Very Important for Pool Days” as a fun nod to the loyalty program’s acronym.

Carnival Breeze Cruise Ship
Carnival Breeze Cruise Ship (Photo Credit: dkroy / Shutterstock)

The bag is a simple tote bag without a top zipper or any interior pockets, but does have room to carry a few useful items as needed. While the tote bag is not yet available fleetwide, guests have reported already receiving it on Carnival Breeze, Carnival Elation, Carnival Celebration, Carnival Dream, and other ships.

Supplies are undoubtedly being rolled out to other vessels, but exactly when the new gift debuts will depend on how many of the previous gifts are still available and how many Diamond and Platinum level guests claim their free gifts. The bags must be picked up at the Pixels photo gallery.

This loyalty gift is the third in a matching set Carnival Cruise Line first announced in February 2023. The first in the collection was a “bum bag” or “fanny pack” belt bag, and the second was a small vanity bag. All three have matching navy blue coloration, red accents, and the VIFP leather patch.

About VIFP Gifts

All returning Carnival cruisers receive benefits for their loyalty, but the free gifts are only offered to the top two tiers of the “Very Important Fun Person” (VIFP) program. Platinum level guests have accumulated 75-199 cruise points, while Diamond level travelers have 200+ points. Carnival Cruise Line counts points as days sailed with the cruise line.

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Points are not accrued for some promotional sailings, such as media cruises or non-revenue fares, or for some charter sailings. Points are only officially counted after a sailing is completed, and are credited to guests’ loyalty accounts within 14 days of debarkation.


Guests at the two lowest levels of the program – Blue (first sailing) and Red (up to 24 points) only have limited benefits and no free gifts. When guests reach the Gold level (25-74 points), they receive a commemorative gold VIFP pin on every sailing as a great souvenir of their voyage.

Platinum and Diamond level guests receive the most benefits, with their own collectible pins as well as the logo gifts and other perks.

All pins and logo gifts must be collected from the Pixels gallery no later than two days before the end of the cruise. On more popular sailings, such as inaugural voyages or longer Carnival Journeys cruises that have higher numbers of Diamond and Platinum guests, it is wise to collect gifts earlier in the sailing or else supplies may run out.

Previous loyalty gifts have included drink koozies, hats, fleece blankets, beach towels, luggage tags, insulated tumblers, and a wide variety of other items. There is no set schedule for how often gifts are changed, and the selection often depends on how popular a gift is, manufacturing costs, and other details, including guest feedback about which items are most – or least – popular.

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