Loyal Carnival Cruise Line Passengers Have Exciting News

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Carnival Cruise Line is well known for treating loyal guests, what it calls “Very Important Fun Person” or “VIFP” guests, to fun gifts, and a trio of new gifts is coming soon, along with more flexibility in how guests receive the gifts. The news is exciting to many returning guests, who have already collected many of the cruise line’s most recent gift item.

New Loyalty Gifts Coming Soon

In a recent video, Carnival Cruise Line brand ambassador John Heald announced the new VIFP gifts for Platinum and Diamond-level loyalty guests. Unlike previous gifts, the new options are a matched collection and Heald hinted that guests may have the option to choose which item they prefer in the coming months, rather than just have a single gift option.

The new gifts are a bag set, with three different sizes. The first is a navy blue tote bag with red canvas handles, with a leather “Carnival VIFP Club” patch on the outside and a light-colored interior lining printed with the iconic Carnival funnel and “Very Important for Pool Days” as a pattern.

Carnival VIFP Gift
Carnival VIFP Gift

The second gift is a matching fanny pack/bum bag, also navy blue and with a red zipper. The “Carnival VIFP Club” leather patch is stitched on the front, and the waist strap appears to be adjustable with a plastic clip closure.

The third gift is a smaller toiletry bag, also navy blue with the matching leather patch, a red zipper, and “Very Important for Packing” printed on the interior. The toiletry gift also appears to have an exterior pocket on the front for even more convenience, and could be used for any items, such as chargers, cables, makeup, or other essentials.

Carnival VIFP Gift
Carnival VIFP Gift

Heald did note that the new gifts will not begin distribution for a couple of weeks, as they must still be delivered to various ships. He also explained that the new plan is to move more quickly between gift options, which will be welcome news to very frequent cruisers who might have previously received several of the same item before supplies were changed.

“We’ll start off with one, then we’ll go move very quickly a couple of months later exchanging for something else, then exchanging for the third one,” Heald explained.

An exact start date has not been announced, and it is likely that some ships may begin distributing the new bags earlier than others depending on how supplies are delivered, what past gifts still remain to be distributed on individual ships, and how many Platinum and Diamond guests are onboard various sailings.

Gifts must be collected at the Pixels Photo Gallery onboard each ship no later than two days before the end of the cruise. For the time being, gifts are only being offered one at a time, but Heald did stress more flexibility to come as the VIFP program is being refreshed, with further details to come in the months ahead.

Who Receives Gifts?

All cruise guests who set sail on a Fun Ship are part of Carnival’s VIFP program from their very first sailing, but it isn’t until reaching the higher levels of loyalty that guests receive free logo gifts. Both Platinum and Diamond guests receive the gifts, the same for all guests.

Collectible VIFP Pins for Platinum Guests, 2012-2019; Photo Courtesy Melissa Mayntz
Collectible VIFP Pins for Platinum Guests, 2012-2019; Photo Courtesy Melissa Mayntz

“We have well over a million and a half of these incredible people who have stayed loyal through the good times and the challenging times. That’s growing every day as we get more Diamond and Platinum guests,” Heald said. “Thank you for your incredible loyalty.”

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Guests reach Platinum status when they have accumulated 75 points in Carnival’s loyalty program, and Diamond status begins at 200 points. Points are earned for every day cruised – 3 points for a 3-night sailing, 7-points for a 7-night sailing, and so forth. Points do not expire and will continue to build with every cruise guests take.

Past Loyalty Gifts

Carnival Cruise Line has given a wide variety of gift items to loyal cruisers over the years, including beach bags, journals, hats, insulated tumblers, chess games, luggage tags, sling bags, bluetooth speakers, headphones, fleece blankets, and more.

The most recent loyalty gift, and one that has drawn a good deal of criticism, is a beach-themed “slap koozie” meant to wrap around cans to keep them insulated. Because it is a slap design, it can easily fit cans or bottles of different sizes.

In comparison to past gifts, however, many guests have considered the koozie as less than desirable, especially as it has been the only gift available for many months and frequent cruisers may have already collected several. Because of this, the new gifts will be especially welcome.

In addition to the VIFP logo gifts, all Platinum and Diamond-level cruisers also receive collectible pins with the ship’s name and year on every sailing. Gold-level cruisers (25-74 points) receive Gold VIFP pins as well. Pins must also be collected at the Pixels Photo Gallery onboard.

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