Carnival Cruise Line Clarifies Item Prohibited Onboard

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Carnival Cruise Line Brand Ambassador John Heald has clarified guests’ concerns about a travel item that – despite advertisements to the contrary – is not actually permitted onboard Carnival cruise ships. The item is a small travel iron, but despite the manufacturer’s claims, it is not cruise ship approved.

Travel Irons Not Permitted Onboard

Guests have brought a particular product to the attention of Carnival Cruise Line’s Brand Ambassador John Heald, with inquiries about whether or not it really is acceptable to bring aboard. The item in question is a “mini” cordless travel iron that is being prominently advertised as “TSA approved” and “cruise ship approved.”

Images in the iron’s advertising include a beach scene with a cruise ship in the background, and while the ship has a dark livery, it is a generic ship not identifiable as any specific vessel.

The iron in question is the Riddia Press iron from Magis Industries, Inc., a pocket-sized iron smaller than the palm of one’s hand, which heats up quickly and shuts off automatically. The company’s website claims that the iron is optimized for cotton and polyester blends with heat sensors to adjust to different fabric types, and that it recharges fully in less than two hours.

Carnival fans have shared an advertisement for the iron circulating online with Heald, asking about bringing it onboard Carnival ships. Because the ad does make it seem as though the iron is acceptable – even stating boldly “cruise ship approved” – Heald was compelled to address the question.

Riddia Press iron
Riddia Press iron

“Let me start by saying I’m sure this is a wonderful product, sold by a fabulous company. However, as people have been asking me today, I want to address this,” Heald said. “The question is, has this really been approved for use on the ships?”

It should be noted that the iron’s advertisement does not say “cruise LINE approved” but only “cruise SHIP approved” – wording that is inconclusive.

“The answer is no, this is not approved by us, and I would doubt, although it’s not for me to say, other cruise lines also,” Heald confirmed. “We would not allow it on board and it would be confiscated.”

At no point does the iron’s advertisement or the manufacturer’s website state which specific cruise lines may have approved the product, and no cruise lines have mentioned the product by name.

No Irons Approved by Carnival Cruise Line

All types of irons – whether travel-sized or full-sized – are specifically noted on Carnival Cruise Line’s prohibited items list: “Electrical and household appliances containing any kind of heating element, such as irons.”

Also on the list are clothes steamers, which are an alternative to irons popular with travelers, but they are also not permitted on Carnival ships.

Passengers do not have to be stuck with wrinkled clothes when they cruise, however. All Carnival ships have a laundry area with irons and ironing boards available for guests to smooth their clothing, or valet services that will press clothing for a nominal fee, depending on the type of clothing.

Do cruise ships have irons

Similar to irons and clothes steamers, other items with heating elements are also prohibited, such as immersion heaters, hot pads, toasters, or electric blankets. A few exceptions are made for hair styling equipment such as hair dryers (though these are also provided onboard) as well as curling irons and flat irons.

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Many travelers want to look their best while on a cruise, particularly for elegant evenings, when dining in a specialty restaurant, or if taking professional photos. Wrinkled clothes can quickly spoil a look, and while it may be tempting to bring along one’s own iron to refresh garments that have been squished in luggage, any irons – travel-sized or otherwise – will be confiscated by ship’s security.

Alternatives to keep clothes looking great while cruising is to choose fabrics that resist wrinkles, avoid packing too early to reduce time in the luggage, and roll rather than fold clothing to minimize wrinkles.

Packing along wrinkle-release spray can also be helpful, or hang clothing in a steamy bathroom to help wrinkles and creases naturally release. Carnival Cruise Line even provides retractable clotheslines in every bathroom to do just that!

How do you keep your clothes wrinkle-free while cruising? Share your tips on the Cruise Hive boards!

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