8 Tips For The Ultimate Honeymoon Cruise

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One of the most exciting journeys you’ll take together after walking down the aisle is your honeymoon.

This special vacation is a chance for you and your partner to adventure, relax, and celebrate your love one-on-one. It’s a time you want to experience in the most memorable way possible, and a honeymoon cruise allows you to do just that.

But, to fully enjoy your cruise, you have to do it right. Here are 8 tips to make sure you get the most of your time and money while honeymoon planning.

1. Choose A Cruise Destination You Both Will Love

Maybe you’ve been dreaming to go to Europe one day, but your partner would rather relax on the beach. Why not do a little bit of both with a Mediterranean cruise? This allows you to spend some stops exploring major EU cities and being beach bums at others. Another destination compromise can look like deciding where to go in the Caribbean.

There are over 30 cruise ports around these islands, which can make the decision process a little harder. Either way, remember your honeymoon cruise is about the time you spend together. The destination does matter, but in the end what you’ll remember most is the person you shared the journey with.

2. Go Big for Your Honeymoon or Go Home

After deciding your dates and destinations, it’s time to take a closer look at your booking details. Remember, this is your honeymoon cruise, not a weekend trip you’re taking on your college spring break.

Opt for a suite with all the right amenities instead of a cramped cabin with (maybe) a small balcony. Suites on a cruise almost make you forget you’re on a ship.

The extra space offers a cozy oasis, including oversized bathrooms, butler service, and plenty of perks throughout the cruise. Such benefits range from private dining areas to special show seating and priority embarking and disembarking.

3. Make a Cruise Ship Itinerary

As great as all the benefits of a special room are, they can be a little overwhelming once you’re onboard. In the midst of planning your “I do”s and bouquet arrangements, make the time to plan your honeymoon cruise itinerary.

This doesn’t have to be a list of strict time slots to follow every day. But, it should include all the things you and your partner definitely don’t want to miss out on. Planning helps you take the best advantage of your time away. It amps up the excitement while establishing a bit of focus as well.

Having an itinerary might even mean you catch special deals as you book must-do activities ahead of time.

4. Add Special Activities

Speaking of planning activities, try to splurge if you can. How often do you get to go ziplining through an exotic forest or wine tasting in Italy?

Think of the once-in-a-lifetime moments you want to create on your honeymoon cruise. This might include swimming with dolphins, rock climbing, or even skydiving.

The opportunities are endless when you take the time to research your choices before getting on the ship. Add a few stand-out activities to your itinerary and be sure to book right away.

5. Leave Time for Romance

Don’t forget to add some special time in between ports and planning. A honeymoon is all about celebrating your love up until this moment and starting a new chapter of growth together.

Consider scheduling a couples massage or private excursion to make everything more magical. Sometimes, though, a special moment can be as simple as quiet time together.

Get the most out of your spacious room and tell your butler you want to dine in. This allows you to enjoy a delicious meal in the privacy of each other’s company. No dressing up or entertaining others needed – the focus is all on you and yours.

10 Romantic Tips for a Cruise Vacation

6. Consider Special Packages

Another way to enjoy every aspect of your honeymoon cruise is to add special packages.

If you’re into boozy business, get an all-you-can-drink deal. If you want to take a day at sea to learn something new, sign up for an enrichment experience together.

Other packages include food specials, entertainment opportunities, and even fitnesses classes. There is sure to be something available you both will like, and you’ll definitely like the money-saving benefits of package-buying.

7. Register Your Honeymoon Cruise Trip

Not sure how you’re going to pay for all of these awesome ideas? Register your cruise! Better to spend your money on living than to buy things that will pile up in your new home.

You don’t need a full set of china as newlyweds, or multiple coffee makers, so keep your wedding registry short and simple.

A registry that is straight to the point helps guests decide what to get you. In fact, many will enjoy the convenience of donating to your cruise fund, especially if they can’t be there on the big day.

It’s a win-win for everyone – guests can add to your fund from far and wide, and you can enjoy the cruise you’re set on booking.

8. Take a Short Cruise Before Your Real Honeymoon

8 Tips For The Ultimate Honeymoon Cruise
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Sometimes, booking a honeymoon cruise isn’t a money issue as much as it’s a time issue. Can’t get off work? Have other priorities popped up around your wedding date?

Take a long weekend to go on a mini honeymoon. Even if this is only for a few days, you can still pack in most of the tricks mentioned above.

This allows you to celebrate the ceremony while you wait to take the real honeymoon. It makes everything feel just as special, and you end up getting two incredible vacations instead of one!

Packing for Your Honeymoon Cruise

Are you already dreaming of tropical beaches or ancient city streets? There’s one more thing you need to do after you book your dates and deals: pack!

If this is your first cruise or your first vacation as a couple, there are a few things you should know. Luckily, we have all the advice you need in one place. Click here to discover the best packing tips for cruises.

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