When is the Best Time to Visit US Virgin Islands?

Are you wondering when is the best time to visit the US Virgin Islands? We provide details on what each season entails at this beautiful tropical paradise.

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The Virgin Islands are a great place to visit. With warm, tropical weather and sparkling beaches, many consider this area to be a tropical paradise. Yet, as with any location, there are ideal times to plan your trip.

If you are looking to go to this destination, we will help you decide on the best time to visit the US Virgin Islands.

The United States Virgin Islands are comprised of a gorgeous Caribbean island chain that includes St. John, St Thomas, and St Croix. Warm, turquoise-colored waters contain a plethora of marine life for your viewing pleasure.

With the thriving multicultural heritage and gorgeous scenery, this makes it one of the most desirable places to visit.

If you want to go to the US Virgin Islands, the best time to book your trip is between the months of April and June. This is when the weather is milder and minimal rainfall occurs. 

During the peak season, which is between December and March, temperatures range from the mid-70s to the upper 80s, accompanied by breezy evenings. Even though it is peak season, the weather is very hot and humid. If you are unable to withstand high temperatures, you may want to go during the springtime.

The time of year to avoid this destination is from July to October. This is hurricane season. Temperatures during this time range in the upper 80s, but the large amounts of rain and risk of storms make it unsafe during this time of year.

What Makes These Months Ideal?

While December to March is peak season and may appear to be the perfect time to visit, there are some considerations.

Most people go down to the US Virgin Islands during this time to escape the bitterly cold winter. It is a time to relax and soak up some sun.

However, peak tourist season also coincides with other Caribbean islands. Resort and hotel rates at this time can go up by an additional $150-plus per evening.

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Temperatures remain around 80 degrees during this time. The evenings are punctured by what residents refer to as “Christmas Winds.” This means you may also want to pack a jacket.

If you go during this time, you can expect packed restaurants and beaches in every area. It should be noted that St. Thomas is the popular island of choice for international travelers. However, even this quaint island can be crowded when compared to the remote St. John and St. Croix areas.

If you are booking a trip during these months, tickets and reservations should be booked in advance to avoid fee increases.

The key events during this time include:

From April to June, the tourist season comes to an end. Hotel and resort rates drop during this time. Temperatures drop between the mid-70s and high 80s. There tends to be limited rainfall, which makes this a wonderful time to visit prior to hurricane season.

Important events to enjoy include:

  • St Thomas Carnival (April to May)
  • St John Festival (late June to July)

July to November is a time when you will experience incredible package deals, along with great hotel rates. However, hurricane and tropical storm season comes in from late June to October, so going at this time may be a bit risky.

Even if the storms aren’t particularly bad, you will experience a great deal of rainfall. The weather is very hot, and temperatures soar again to the upper 80s. If you decide to go to the US Virgin Islands during this time, be sure to buy travel insurance to ensure you are fully protected.

Fun events to experience are:

While some events previously held were virtual, with restrictions lifting there is hope that many of these events will return to in-person.

Other Attractions

Those who visit the US Virgin Islands can enjoy visiting various beaches on each island. You can also enjoy the wealth of ecological and cultural attractions as well. There are national parks preserving local wildlife both onshore and off.

Best Virgin Island to visit
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If you are into diving, you may enjoy visiting various shipwrecks off the island and exploring the coral reefs. The coral reefs are home to 500-plus types of fish and 40 types of coral.

The best destination in this area is Buck Island Reef Natural Monument. This location is home to Elkhorn coral barrier reef.

If you enjoy hiking or love animals, you can visit the Virgin Islands National Park. This park spreads over 60% of St. John and includes rainforests.

Are you fascinated by history? There are numerous cultural and historic attractions. This area has experienced seven different nations across its history. Thus, each island has its own unique cuisine and music. Some attractions are the Christiansted National Historic Site and Blackbeard’s Castle.

When Is The Best Time Overall to Book a Cruise

If you are booking a cruise to the Virgin Islands, then you will not want to go from July to October – assuming that cruises are running at this time. As mentioned, this is hurricane season, and even just trying to get into port can be challenging if not extremely dangerous for any type of ship. 

Cruise Ships in the U.S. Virgin Islands
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Any other time of year is fine to book cruises. When you go may be dependent on what activities you want to participate in and how well you withstand high temperatures.

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The best time to visit the US Virgin Islands is generally in the springtime. This is when the weather is milder, less humid, and not as rainy. December to March is the peak tourist season.

While it is an equally nice time to visit, if you don’t book early you may be paying more for your stay. The trade-off to this is that you may find an all-inclusive stay, plus there are many events to participate in.

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