How to Stay Safe and Enjoy Your Cruise Vacation

We've got some cruise tips on how you can stay safe and enjoy your cruise vacation at the same time. Follow this guide so you can keep away from potential negative experiences.

Going on a cruise brings out one’s cheerful, carefree spirit. It makes one feel like there’s nothing but fun times, good food, and beautiful sights ahead. While this is mostly true, cruisers must not forget that their health and safety must remain in their list of priorities, no matter how breathtaking their ‘home on the sea’ for the next weeks may be.

Here are a few sound suggestions on how you can make the most of your most anticipated cruise trip, while ensuring that you keep away from potential negative experiences.

Get To Know More About Your Cruise Ship

You know when you’ll disembark, where the port of call is, and what the ship’s facilities and activities are. If you want to really stay and keep safe while onboard though, it takes more than just scanning a map or a welcome brochure.

If you haven’t done your initial research before boarding, you might want to read up on the latest about the cruise line, just to get yourself up to speed on how secure or safe your ship is. In addition to that, it will also help to go around the ship by foot, and get to know the various ins and outs.

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Make sure to note important locations like first aid stations, the clinic, fire exits, and the like. You can also start to map out and plan your dining schedule during this little ‘tour’, so you can avoid long queues and overwhelming crowds.

Make Sure To Be Present And Focused During The Safety Drill

Every cruise ship implements what is called a ‘muster drill’, which basically discusses to you the various safety measures employed onboard. They will give comprehensive instructions pertaining to emergency and evacuation procedures.

The crew will discuss how to use life jackets and other emergency aids, what alarms mean, and where you can find your muster station – take careful note. Make it a point to listen and pay attention to what is being discussed – you never know just how extremely useful they may be for you when the need arises.

Try on your life jacket and check if everything is in good order, if not, raise it with the cabin crew and ask for a replacement if necessary.

Follow The Rules

Yes, we know you’re on a cruise to have all the fun you can possibly have. But, don’t let that be what gets you in danger. There are certain areas in the ship that may be off limits – and those are for good reason. If you don’t have any business in that area, then keep away. Passengers are also advised not to go to crew quarters, if you receive any invitation to do so, or feel tempted to ‘pay a visit’ – remember that it can potentially end your happy days onboard.

There are plenty of recreation areas and beautiful vantage points on your ship – enjoy those instead and keep safe.

If you’re traveling with children, it’s also important to ensure their safety by keeping a close eye on the small ones and staying in touch with the older ones either via cellphones or walkie-talkies.

Don’t Bring Too Many Valuables

Going on a cruise means you won’t be staying in your cabin for too long. You’ll either be having the time of your life by the pool deck, enjoying the lovely views of the ocean, joining an activity onboard, or going on an onshore excursion.

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Locking your cabin’s door may not be sufficient all the time, and there are chances you might forget to do that too. Bring only the valuables that you absolutely need for the next few days, and make sure they’d fit inside your cabin’s safe if you need to leave them behind when you go out. This means less worrying for you, and more time to actually have fun.

Don’t Go Sneaking Around Dark Corners At Night

One would think that a cruise ship is not the place for criminals – it’s a place for people who have the monetary means to go on an expensive trip. Unfortunately, while the latter is mostly true, it may not be the same for the former.

Keep yourself safe by avoiding dark alleys on the ship – if you need to go out for a night-cap, stay in well-lit areas and make sure to bring a trusted companion.

Take It Easy On The Alcohol

Cruise ships have a tempting array of overflowing booze. While you should let yourself give in to temptation every once in a while, make sure you don’t let it get to a point when you can’t think and act on your own.

Know your alcohol threshold, and consume only what your body can manage. Stick to the trusted buddy method too. Making friends is always a good idea, but getting yourself intoxicated in the care of someone you do not know at all is not recommended. And besides, how can you fully enjoy your trip when you’re all hung over?

Alert Authorities To Suspicious Actions

Saw someone pilfering supplies? Noticed anyone acting suspiciously? Be observant and be vigilant in reporting it to the ship’s authorities. Pointing fingers without basis may not be the best idea, but it is always important to alert persons who might be able to look into things further. Early intervention just might help you save yourself, and others on your cruise from potential danger.

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Keep Yourself Healthy

You will be mingling with different people for a stretch of days. You will be in an entirely different environment from what you’re used to. The weather can become extreme at some points, depending on where you’re headed to.

Get your immune system ready for the onslaught of ‘challenges’ you will encounter, by eating healthy before and during your cruise. Make sure to also stay hydrated by always having a bottle of clean water with you wherever you go.

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Your cruise ship is a wonderland on its own. But, it’s still very much vulnerable to the possibility of crime, theft, and sickness outbreaks. If you want your travel experience to be one for the books, make it a point to keep yourself safe and healthy throughout your cruise.

We've got some cruise tips on how to stay safe during your cruise vacation.
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