Set Sail With Must-Pack Cruise On Gear

Get packing for your cruise vacation and set sail with some Cruise On gear including luggage tags, lanyards, and the cruise power strip.

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Cruise travelers can be very creative as they pack, doubling up on attire that can be useful both in port and at sea, as well as opting for gear to organize a tiny stateroom, identify one stateroom door in a long corridor of identical cabins, or otherwise make the most of every square inch of luggage and cabin space.

Now, Cruise On has developed a range of travel-friendly products with cruisers and their unique needs in mind!

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Products for Cruise Packing

When you’re packing for your cruise, space can be extremely limited and it’s important to choose items that can help maximize your space. Cruise On offers great options for packing for your cruise, including…

Luggage Tags – Crafted of sturdy vinyl and sized for the printable luggage tags for all major cruise lines, these high quality luggage tags can help ensure your bags make it to the right ship and stateroom.

Metal grommets ensure the tags will not tear even after many cruises, and cable ties screw together for a firm but easily removable attachment so they can be used on different pieces of luggage cruise after cruise.

Tote Bag – If hitting the beach is part of your cruise vacation plans, you’ll want to pack a beach bag that can hold a towel, sunscreen, lotion, sandals, sunglasses, a water bottle, and other beach gear.

Unfortunately, many tote bags are bulky and clumsy, but the foldable, collapsible tote bag from Cruise On is generously sized, lightweight, and flexible, ideal not only for the beach but also for shopping or even lounging poolside onboard.

Finding Your Stateroom

Once you’re on the ship, it’s easy to get lost in a maze of lengthy corridors and endless stateroom doors. Decorating your door can be a great way to make it stand out so you can find it more quickly and easily, and the Porthole Sticker from Cruise On is an attractive, easy option.

Measuring 12 inches (30.5 centimeters) in diameter, the sticker is large enough for easy visibility but small enough to fit on any cabin door. With a sunny tropical scene visible through the brass porthole border, the sticker brings an instant touch of cruising to your door, or can be positioned inside a cabin for an extra stunning view.

It can even be used at home in an office, hallway, bedroom, or anywhere you want to be reminded of the beauty you see when cruising. The sticker is also removable and will not damage standard paint surfaces, but remove it slowly and carefully to be certain there are no problems.

Products for Stateroom Efficiency

Once you’re in your cruise ship cabin, it can be disconcerting to try and unpack in a tiny space without getting everything cluttered and disorganized. Fortunately, Cruise On offers a number of products ideal to keep your stateroom tidy and efficient.

Pocket Organizer – With 15 pockets and made of breathable mesh, this organizer can be hung over a bathroom or closet door and will add instant storage space for all types of items.

The generously-sized pockets can hold sandals, shoes, hair product bottles, makeup, hairstyling tools, hairbrushes, sunglasses, and more, keeping counter space clear. The organizer measures 63 inches (160 cm) tall by 27 inches (68.5 cm) wide, ensuring it fits on standard doors without overlap.

Cruise Power Strip – Outlets and charging stations can be surprisingly absent in cruise ship cabins, and most cruise lines prohibit passengers from bringing extension cords or items with surge protection onboard for safety concerns.

This power strip, however, is specifically designed to meet cruise safety guidelines and will add three AC outlets and two USB ports to the cabin. While it does not fit European-style outlets, it is suited for 120V outlets and can help you have space to charge phones, tablets, laptops, mp3 players, and other electronics easily.

Cruise Night Light – Nothing is worse than stumbling around a small, unfamiliar stateroom at night, fumbling for a bathroom light switch only to accidentally blind yourself and wake everyone else when you mistakenly hit the overhead lights.

Cruise On’s sleek, compact night light is the ideal solution with its motion sensor and smooth illumination. While the magnetic base is not strong enough for all metal surfaces, the light’s small size, just 3.5 inches (9 cm) in diameter, means it can easily be put on any counter or surface without taking up too much space, and its 360-degree rotation allows it to be set at any angle for optimum lighting.

The light requires three AAA batteries (not included), but turns off automatically after 15-20 seconds to maximize battery life. If cruisers only choose one accessory to bring along on their next voyage, this light should be it.

Giving Back to Staff

Many people work very hard to make your cruise vacation pleasant and enjoyable, from the ship’s stewards and housekeepers to the dining room staff, bartenders, dancers, comedians, maître d’, children’s counselors, shore excursion managers, spa specialists, cruise director, and more.

There are many ways to thank them, from the gratuities you may extend to certain staff members to fun little gifts to extra tips you offer for special services, and Cruise On has a sweet option for adding a personal note to any gift or additional gratuity.

The Staff Thank You Cards are colorful note cards printed on high quality card stock with a fun verse of thanks inside, with space for writing a personal note. Sold in a pack of six with plain white envelopes, these cards are not line-specific and can be easily used for thanking staff members on any cruise, anytime.

Gear for the Cruising Lifestyle

You always want to look your best on a cruise, and Cruise On has a great selection of useful gear to help you relax and set sail in style.

Lanyards – The most important wearable accessory for any cruiser is a convenient lanyard to keep track of your cruise ship card. Cruise On’s soft nylon lanyards are wide and comfortable, and include a sturdy vinyl pouch to hold a cruise ship card securely, with room enough for a bit of cash if needed.

Each lanyard also has an adjustable, retractable reel that gives the pouch even more extension, or the reel can be removed if desired. A variety of fun cruise-themed patterns on the lanyards – sandals, anchors, palm trees, ships, and even pirate skull and crossbones motifs – as well as lanyards in different colors let every cruiser set sail with whatever fun style they prefer.

Anchor Bracelets – Add a bit of sailor style to your cruising look with Cruise On’s nautical-themed bracelets. Crafted of sturdy nylon rope and featuring nautical knots and ship-themed hardware such as anchors and shackles, these bracelets come in various colors and are great for men or women.

The sizing can be somewhat small, however, so be aware of that concern for larger wrists. Bracelets come packaged in a drawstring bag and make great gifts not only for cruisers, but also for sailors, lifeguards, or anyone with a connection to the water.

Shirts – Be ready for every casual cruise snapshot from embarkation to the last night’s deck party when you opt for t-shirts or tank tops with fun cruise sayings and symbols. Shirts are available in both men’s and women’s styles, with a variety of colors and themes to match any cruising preferences or lifestyle.

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With so much outstanding cruise gear, from the practical to the stylish and everything in between, Cruise On is a cruiser’s one-stop shop for specialty items to enhance any cruise vacation.

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Melissa Mayntz
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