Princess Cruises Launching New App for Passengers

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Princess Cruises is taking significant steps to enhance its onboard guest experience with the launch of a new app for passengers. Set to be released in the coming days, the app promises to be a significant upgrade over the current MedallionClass app. 

The introduction of the new app coincides with the introduction of Starlink internet across the Princess Cruises fleet of cruise ships. The combination of Starlink and the new app will likely enable Princess Cruises to make true their promises of being one of the most technologically advanced cruise lines worldwide. 

Introducing the Upgraded Princess Cruises App

Princess Cruises has sent out information to stakeholders and travel advisors that the cruise line will be introducing a new app in early December called the Princess Cruises app, which is replacing the older MedallionClass app. 

While a tentative date had been set for December 1, 2023, it seems there has been a slight delay in the introduction of the app, which is now expected to launch in the coming days via Google Play and the App Store.

The transformation of the MedallionClass app into the new Princess Cruises app is a strategic move to enrich guest interaction and convenience. Scheduled for release in early December, Princess Cruises is calling the app a significant enhancement in functionality and usability. 

Discovery Princess in Los Angeles
Discovery Princess in Los Angeles (Photo Credit: Darryl Brooks / Shutterstock)

Key features include streamlined navigation, more intuitive service access, and a refreshed user interface designed for ease of use. Renamed services like “Dine My Way” to “Reservations” and “JourneyView” to “My Journey” are part of this overhaul, aimed at making the app more aligned with guest needs and expectations.

Guests already using the MedallionClass app can expect a smooth transition, as their profile and preferences will be automatically migrated to the new Princess Cruises app. The legacy app will remain functional for cruises sailing through February 2024. After that, the older app will be retired and guests won’t be able to use it.

The new app comes as Princess Cruises wraps up the installation of Starlink Maritime internet onboard its ships, which has been a revolutionary technological advancement in the industry. It should enable guests to use the new app without being hindered by slow internet speeds. 

Game Changer in Maritime Connectivity

Alongside the app, Princess Cruises is revolutionizing its internet services by adopting Starlink. Ships like Discovery Princess, Grand Princess, Royal Princess, Sky Princess, and Sapphire Princess are reported to have Starlink equipment installed onboard, with several already operational.

Other vessels are either being installed or plans are in place to install Starlink in the coming period, although Princess Cruises has not made any announcements on when it expects to have the service rolled out across the fleet.

Princess Cruises Ship
Princess Cruises Ship (Photo Credit: Darryl Brooks / Shutterstock)

This integration marks a significant enhancement in internet connectivity onboard, offering high-speed and reliable internet service. It is that reliable internet connectivity that Princess Cruises sorely needs. For around two years now, the cruise line has touted its Mediallionclass connectivity as being one of the fastest in the industry, a claim which the cruise line failed to deliver on.

Medallionclass, which uses SES Networks satellite service, has been surpassed by the service from Elon Musk’s Starlink Maritime service, which offers extremely low latency and high bandwidth, up to 300 Mbps. This gap in service quality has been evident in passenger experiences, where many have reported sluggish internet speeds on Princess Cruises, often falling below the 2 Mbps mark.

With the upcoming launch of the Princess Cruises app and the integration of Starlink Maritime, Princess Cruises will significantly elevate the onboard guest experience. 

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