Icon of the Seas Fire During Construction at Meyer Turku Shipyard

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On Thursday, February 2, a fire broke out on one of the staircases of the Icon of the Seas cruise ship, which is currently under construction at Meyer Turku shipyard in Finland. 

The fire alarm was sounded at around 10 a.m., and as a precautionary measure, all 2,500 workers on board were evacuated. The fire was quickly contained and put out by the shipyard’s own fire brigade.

Minor Material Damage and No Injuries

Early on February 2, a fire broke out onboard Icon of the Seas. According to the shipyard, the material damage caused by the fire is estimated to be minor, and has only affected one of the staircases. Work on the ship resumed just over an hour after the fire alarm was raised, with the exception of the fire area, which is under investigation. The cause of the fire is yet to be determined.

Juha Virto, Chief on Duty at the local Rescue Department, praised the shipyard’s safety measures, noting that the good safety planning reflected the fact that there were no injuries during the evacuation. He added that the security arrangements at the shipyard were well-managed.

“The fire had been contained, and it was left to the rescue services to ensure that all the people in the vicinity of the fire area had reached safety. We then used various technical devices to determine whether the fire had spread to the surrounding areas. Once this was confirmed, the mission was completed quite quickly by the rescue services.”

“The ship’s good safety planning is reflected in the fact that there were no injuries during the evacuation. The security arrangements there are quite well managed.”

The evacuation caused delays when around 2,500 workers had to leave the ship. However, they have since returned to work and authorities are investigating the damage caused by the fire. Icon of the Seas is a cruise ship under construction for Royal Caribbean International, it will be the flagship of the LNG-powered Icon class. The ship is scheduled to enter service in 2024.

Fires Onboard Cruise Ships During Construction

Fires onboard cruise ships during construction are a common occurrence due to the extensive use of welding and other hot work processes. The high temperatures generated by these activities can ignite flammable materials and cause fires to break out. 

To minimize the risk of fire, shipyards and construction companies must implement strict safety protocols and use fire-resistant materials whenever possible. This includes using fireproof coatings on walls and ceilings, installing fire suppression systems, and training workers on fire safety procedures.

Meyer Turku Fire Teams
Photo Copyright: Meyer Turku

Despite these precautions, fires can still occur, and it is important for shipyard workers to be trained in fire evacuation procedures and for the shipyard to have a well-equipped fire brigade on hand to respond to emergencies. 

In the case of the fire at the Meyer Turku shipyard, the shipyard’s own fire brigade was able to quickly extinguish the fire and prevent it from spreading. This highlights the importance of having a well-prepared response plan in place, especially when it concerns a billion-dollar cruise ship.

Icon of the Seas Will Become Largest in the World

Icon of the Seas is set to be one of the most modern and innovative cruise ships in the world, and certainly, the largest cruise ship ever built at 1,198 feet long and 250,800 gross tons.

Royal Caribbean's Icon of the Seas
Render Courtesy: Royal Caribbean

The cruise ship is designed to offer a range of features and amenities to meet the demands of modern travelers and has been hailed as the ultimate family vacation destination.

Amenities onboard con of the Seas includes a huge range of entertainment options, the biggest waterpark at sea, and the biggest swimming pool at sea. 

Just recently, Royal Caribbean released more details about the onboard offerings, such as the new family neighborhood Surfside. This stunningly beautiful and funky neighborhood offers guests a variety of pools, waterparks for kids, dining options, and the carousel popular from the Oasis-class cruise ships

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