Holland America Line Raising Dining Prices, Some Fees Removed

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Holland America Line is set to raise prices on specialty dining venues fleet-wide, with increases ranging from just 12% to a 60% increase on one specific luxury item.

At the same time, two extra fees are being discontinued, while all these changes will be implemented in early September, depending on the vessel.

Specialty Dining Prices to Increase on All Holland America Ships

Prices at three popular specialty dining venues across the Holland America Line fleet will be increasing after September 1. The cruise line has posted increases for Pinnacle Grill, Tamarind, and Rudi’s Sel de Mer, with different increases on different menu items.

The pricing changes are due to premium pricing in today’s market, and striving to remain competitive with similar restaurants aboard other cruise lines and on land.

“We regularly evaluate our produce offerings, service experience, costs, and efficiency,” Holland America Line said. “To remain competitive in what we offer and continue to provide a premium product, we have adjusted restaurant cover prices which are aligned with industry competitor pricing and still offer an excellent value.”

Rudi's Sel de Mer
Rudi’s Sel de Mer (Photo Credit: Solarisys / Shutterstock)

The price increases range from a low of 12% on the dinner cover charge for Rudi’s Sel de Mer – from $49 to $55 – and 18% on the lunch cover charge at Pinnacle Grill – from $15 to $19, to much higher increases on specific items.

For example, the 16 ounce, dry-aged Delmonico steak at Pinnacle grill will now be increasing from $18 to $25, an increase of 39%, while the lobster available at Tamarind, the cruise line’s Asian specialty restaurant, will increase from $20 to $28, a 40% increase.

The largest increase, however, is to the caviar available at both Pinnacle Grill and Rudi’s Sel de Mer. From the current price of $50, the luxury indulgence will increase to $80 at both venues, an increase of 60%.

Other items with price increases include the dinner cover charge at Pinnacle Grill ($39 to $46; +18%); 12 ounce lobster at Pinnacle Grill ($15 to $19; +27%); dinner cover charge at Tamarind ($29 to $35; +21%); and the Fruit de Mer at Rudi’s ($25 to $32; +28%).

Bookings made for these specialty restaurants prior to September 1 will remain at the lower prices.

Prices Increasing From September 1

Each ship in the Holland America Line fleet will institute the increased prices in early September, based on each vessel’s next turnaround after September 1.

Four ships will increase prices from September 2, 2023: Eurodam, Koningsdam, Oosterdam, and Zuiderdam. Four more ships will follow the next day, September 3: Nieuw Amsterdam, Noordam, Westerdam, and Zaandam.

Holland America Line's Koningsdam Cruise Ship
Photo Credit: StudioPortoSabbia / Shutterstock

On September 6, Nieuw Statendam and Volendam will increase the specialty dining prices, while the line’s newest ship, Rotterdam, will be the last to increase prices, instituting the higher rates from September 9, 2023.

To be clear, no ship will increase prices in the middle of any sailing – the new prices will only take effect on the first embarkation date after Friday, September 1, 2023.

While the price increases will be unwelcome extra fees to many guests who enjoy the specialty dining restaurants, the charges are consistent with increasing fine dining restaurant prices industry-wide, not only for cruise lines, but for all restaurants.

Two Fees Being Removed

While price increases can seem shocking, guests who enjoy the “ultimate steakhouse at sea” of Pinnacle Grill will be pleased to note that two surcharges are being discontinued at the same time other prices are increasing.

From the same date of the price increases, there will no longer be a $7 surcharge for an extra appetizer, nor will there be a $15 surcharge for an extra entrée. Those fees are being removed completely.

The extra entrée charges in Tamarind ($10) and Rudi’s Sel de Mer ($15), however, are remaining, but without any change in current pricing.

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