Disney Unveils Sneak Peek Of New Haunted Mansion Lounge

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When Disney Treasure sets sail on her maiden voyage to the Eastern Caribbean on December 21, 2024, she will do so with a much anticipated Haunted Mansion experience onboard. 

The Haunted Mansion Parlor, which is not currently available on any other Disney cruise ship, will welcome guests with specialty spirits and spooky decor that was inspired by the beloved attraction in Disney theme parks around the world. 

As part of Disney’s 2024 “Halfway To Halloween” celebration, which the company partakes in each year to announce what the upcoming spooky season will have in store, the cruise line is giving guests a more detailed look at the Haunted Mansion Parlor than it ever has before.

Disney Treasure Haunted Mansion Parlor
Disney Treasure Haunted Mansion Parlor

In never-before-seen renderings, the cruise line shared the vision for its haunted aquarium and the ghost fish that “live” inside, its eerie art collection, and special drinkware inspired by the new ghosts who will haunt this lounge.  

The aquarium pays homage to an idea once had by Disney Legend Rolland “Rolly” Crump in the early stages of designing the Haunted Mansion ride. At the time, the ride was envisioned as a “Museum of the Weird” walk-through exhibit, which Crump thought should include an aquarium with ghost fish. 

“As the final design took shape, many of Rolly’s initial ideas were realized throughout the attraction. However, a few of his concepts remained in the vault, living on thanks to dedicated fans and Disney historians,” wrote Jacqueline Logan, Public Relations Manager for the Disney Parks Blog. 

“One such concept was a mysterious aquarium, filled with ghost fish. More than fifty years later, the sketch Rolly developed was referenced by a new generation of Disney Imagineers to create a modern ‘Aquarium with Ghost Fish’ for the Haunted Mansion Parlor,” added Logan. 

Crump died in 2023 at the age of 93, and the cruise line had previously announced that the lounge would feature a Haunted Mansion-style bust of his likeness to honor his memory and career as a Disney Imagineer. 

The new art gallery displays the portraits of the ghosts who have taken up residence on Disney Treasure. Big Disney fans may already recognize The Mariner, who was created by Disney Legend Marc Davis and is a familiar face from the Haunted Mansion attractions in Walt Disney World Resort and Tokyo Disney Resort.

Aquarium with Ghost Fish
Aquarium with Ghost Fish

Guests will also see photos of the good natured sea captain, whose life was cut short, and his enigmatic bride-to-be, who is inspired by Marc Davis’ iconic “cat lady” that is featured in the theme park attractions. Cruisers will get to learn their stories as they take in the decor and ambience of the parlor. 

“The collection of works will be reminiscent of the quintessential paintings inside the Haunted Mansion attraction, mimicking the art stylings used by Disney Imagineers in 1969. The portrait gallery will also incorporate present-day technologies to allow the ghostly residents to entertain guests in new ways,” continued Logan.

The ghostly drinkware, which will be used to serve unique drinks and spirits, will also feature the likeness of The Mariner and The Bride.

Previously, the cruise line had shared that the lounge would have a special cocktail menu, some of which will feature flavored smoke and contain secret messages for guests to decode as they sip.

More New Experiences To Be Had Onboard Disney Treasure

Beyond the Haunted Mansion Parlor, there will be plenty of new happy haunts for passengers to explore once the 4,000-passenger Disney Treasure sets sail in late December. 

Disney Cruise Line is known for offering Broadway-Caliber productions, and Disney Treasure will be no exception. In fact, the new addition to the fleet will offer a brand new musical called Disney: The Tale Of Moana.

Disney Treasure Cruise Ship
Disney Treasure Cruise Ship

But that’s not all. There will also be a Coco-themed two-night dining experience at Plaza de Coco, which includes dinner and a show. The event will pick up where the colorful 2017 Pixar movie ended with a new adventure while guests enjoy Mexican-inspired cuisine.

For thrill seekers, the 144,000-gross ton cruise ship will feature the brand new, 760-foot AquaMouse water coaster, which functions as both a water slide and roller coaster. Guests will ride on a raft through a slippery adventure inside the “Mysterious Temple of the Golden Egg.” 

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For couples over 18 or parents who need a break from the kids, Disney is expanding on its typical adult-only onboard venues with Sarabi, a Lion King-themed lounge named after Simba’s mother.

During the day, the lounge will be home to musical performances, comedy acts, and family game shows. But at night, it will become the wildest adult-exclusive haunt on the ship with live entertainment catered to more mature audiences.

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