Disney Cruise Line Introduces New Wearable Device for Guests

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Disney Cruise Line intends to introduce a wearable called the DisneyBand+ to its cruise ships this summer. The wearable is already used in the Disney Theme Parks and will have various uses onboard the Disney cruise ships. 

The cruise line will test the wearable on select cruises onboard Disney Wish in the coming weeks before its official launch later this year.

Hands-Free Convenience Onboard the Disney Cruise Line Ships

Following in the footsteps of Princess Cruises’ OceanMedallion, MSC Cruises’ MSC for Me, and Royal Caribbean’s WOW Bands, Disney Cruise Line is jumping onboard with next-gen technology in the form of its wearable, the DisneyBand+.

Disney has been using the technology for wearables in its parks for over ten years and is finally bringing the technology to its cruise ships.

The line will try out the wearable onboard the 144,000 gross tons, 5,555-guest Disney Wish on select sailings over the following months before the official launch later this year. The cruise line’s newest cruise ship is currently sailing short Bahamian cruises from Port Canaveral.

DisneyBand+ allows guests to enjoy the hands-free benefits of wearable technology while cruising onboard Disney ships. Available in three Disney Cruise Line-exclusive designs, the intelligent features of DisneyBand+ promises to make the cruise experience more enjoyable.

Disney wouldn’t be Disney if it didn’t provide some unexpected magical surprises throughout the cruise. The cruise line promises that guests will be able to have new experiences with the DisneyBand+, which is only available for those wearing it, so they should keep their eyes peeled for extra moments of magic.

Disney Cruise Line Band
Photo: Disney

The DisneyBand+ also enables guests to unlock their stateroom doors, make payments for snacks and souvenirs, and even grant access to onboard kids’ clubs. The bands are designed to be worn while swimming or participating in various water activities, including at the line’s private island of Castaway Cay in the Bahamas.

Not limited to cruise vacations, DisneyBand+ technology can be used at Disney Parks and Disney Resort hotels, making it a versatile accessory for guests who want to combine a cruise onboard a Disney Cruise Line ship and a visit to one of the parks.

Disney Cruise Line Band
Photo: Disney

For Disney, these are exciting times, and there is no surprise that the cruise line is introducing the wearable DisneyBand+ now. The cruise line is introducing a new private island destination at Lighthouse Point, Eleuthera, in The Bahamas, in the summer of 2024.

Disney Cruise Line’s second Triton class LNG-powered cruise ship, the Disney Treasure, reached an important milestone recently, and will be launched in 2024 as well.

Finally, Disney also took possession of the former 208,000 gross ton Global Dream, which is scheduled to start operations in 2025. All of these new acquisitions together provide a great basis to start offering the new wearable DisneyBand+.

Cruise Lines Embrace Next-Gen Wearable Technology

As faster internet technology becomes more common onboard ships, the cruise industry moves towards incorporating advanced technology. Over the last couple of years, several cruise lines have introduced wearable devices for passengers. 

Princess Cruises’ OceanMedallion is a great example of how a company thinks outside the box to use technology to improve the cruise experience while also collecting vast amounts of data on its guests.

Princess Cruises MedallionClass

OceanMedallion is a wearable, casino chip-sized disc that serves as an access point to a passenger’s “digital identity,” allowing them to personalize their onboard experience. The Medallion is scanned by thousands of sensors on the ship, enabling automatic cabin door unlocking, payment for purchases, and more while tracking guests’ movement onboard.

These wearables offer various functions, such as serving as a door key, it can be used as an onboard credit card, and facilitating check-ins. Additionally, guests can enjoy on-demand food and beverage service anywhere onboard, onboard navigation, and even gaming experiences. 

As technology continues to develop, we can expect more cruise lines to adopt such wearables, enhancing the cruise experience for passengers.

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