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First Time Cruisers

Top 12 Best Cruise Lines for Adults

Adult-only cruises have recently gained momentum due to the popularity of adults-only areas aboard the ship. We outline the best cruise lines for adults.

Upside Down Pineapple Meaning on Cruise Ships

Have you ever seen an upside down pineapple on a cruise ship? We’ll explain the upside down pineapple meaning and how the symbol originated.

What is a Cruise to Nowhere?

Are you in need of a short but relaxing ocean getaway? A cruise to nowhere may be exactly what you need! Find out what cruises to nowhere are and how to experience one.

Cruise Planning Tips for Beginners – 10 Pro Tips

Take a look at these cruise planning tips for beginners, including 10 pro tips to make your cruise vacation the best it can be.

How Much Does a Cruise Cost?

Don't be blindsided by extra fees and expenses on your cruise. Read our guide and learn how much does a cruise cost, including drinks, packages, and activities.

Bonine vs. Dramamine: Which is Better for Motion Sickness?

How do you choose between Bonine vs. Dramamine? Both can fix seasickness. Find how they compare before your cruise vacation.

What is the Passenger Vessel Services Act and How Does it Impact Cruises?

Have you ever heard of the Passenger Vessel Services Act (PVSA)? Find out about it with this ultimate guide on how the law impacts cruises.

How Fast is a Knot and What Does it Mean?

In the sailing world, people measure speed using knots. But, just how fast IS a knot? Let's take a look at how fast it is.

Cruise Ship Lingo: Bow vs. Stern, Aft vs. Foward Cruise Terminology

Find out the cruise lingo on maritime and cruise ship terminology and what they refer to. Good to know for newbie cruisers finding their way around.


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