Carnival Cruise Line Changing Procedure for Back-to-Back Sailings

Guests on consecutive, back-to-back cruises will now enjoy different benefits to streamline the changeover between sailings.

Carnival Cruise Line is changing how guests sailing back-to-back are handled with respect to perks offered for these very special, very loyal passengers.

The updates are being implemented fleetwide during the week of February 19, 2024, and will give travelers more flexibility for enjoying their benefits.

Benefits Changing for Back-to-Back Cruises

Frequent cruise travelers delight in back-to-back (B2B) cruises, the type of extended vacation that involves two consecutive sailings on the same ship.

These unique cruise arrangements often come with a variety of benefits for guests, including priority boarding for their second sailing, gifts in their stateroom, and other special acknowledgments.

“That feeling of the cruise, not being over, is a very special one, and I hope all of you get a chance to experience that one day,” said John Heald, Carnival Cruise Line Brand Ambassador.

Carnival Cruise Line is adjusting the benefits given to back-to-back cruisers beginning February 19, 2024, with greater flexibility for how guests enjoy their exclusive perks.

Previously, all B2B guests would debark the vessel at the end of the first sailing together, process quickly through US Immigration as required, and then return onboard to receive their new ship ID cards and stateroom keys.

Depending on the homeport and the number of passengers, it may be possible that customs and immigration agents come onboard for the processing and guests do not need to debark.

After reboarding the ship, there would be a group photo taken as a commemorative gift, and the travelers would raise a glass of champagne or orange juice to their unique adventure.

“We have found it easier and I think it will be better for you as well that we change this,” said Heald.

Carnival Panorama Cruise Ship in Long Beach
Carnival Panorama Cruise Ship in Long Beach (Photo Credit: mikeledray)

Now, back-to-back passengers will all still need to debark the ship or otherwise present themselves for immigration processing, and will receive their new shipboard cards upon reboarding. But instead of group photos and drinks, individual travelers will receive a coupon for a complimentary beverage and another for a complimentary photo on the first evening of the cruise.

“You can have your photo taken at any of the backdrops along the promenade, and then enjoy a complimentary beverage from any other bars,” Heald explained.

This will give travelers greater flexibility to enjoy their benefits as they wish, rather than a group photo they may not enjoy or a drink they may not prefer.

Recent B2B passengers have reported this process already in place on some Carnival ships, likely as the new process was tested and refined. Now, the new B2B procedure is being rolled out fleet-wide.

Guest Reaction

Both travelers who have already enjoyed back-to-back cruises, as well as those who are planning such amazing vacations, are responding positively to the change.

For example, because the process of debarking, immigration processing, and reboarding the ship all happen earlier in the morning, some guests have expressed that it’s better to not have to prepare for a photo first thing, and not everyone either enjoys champagne or wants to drink alcohol first thing in the morning.

Carnival Cruise Line Passengers
Photo Credit: Ihor Koptilin / Shutterstock

Now, guests can choose the photo they want and can enjoy their favorite beverage whenever they would like it, rather than being restricted to a single type of photo and type of drink at one time.

The new process will also be much easier to implement on sailings with a large number of B2B passengers, such as often happens on longer Carnival Journeys cruises, in conjunction with inaugural cruises, when a ship repositions to a new region, or even just combining alternating itineraries into one longer sailing.

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On some cruises aboard larger vessels, hundreds of guests could potentially be on back-to-back itineraries, which could be nearly impossible to coordinate for a group photo or any individual attention.

While some guests will miss the opportunity to socialize with other B2B passengers during the changeover between sailings, overall, the new procedure seems as though it will better streamline the process and ensure everyone gets the most enjoyment out of both their cruises.


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