Haiyan Ma

I absolutely love cruising with my favorite ports of call being in the Caribbean. As a former crew member for Disney Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, and Carnival Cruise Line I can continue my passion by sharing my experiences with readers. Find out more about us here.

What is the Top Speed of a Cruise Ship Ever Recorded?

They seem slow, but cruise ships can go much faster than we think. Ever wonder what the top speed of a cruise ship is? Find out in this article.

What Is a Transpacific Cruise?

One of the top factors in choosing a cruise is choosing the location, such as the Pacific Ocean. What is a transpacific cruise? Learn more in this article.

Hand Washing Clothes on Cruise Ships – The Ultimate Guide

Learn everything you need to know about hand washing clothes on a cruise ship to save money on laundry services. Read our step-by-step guide and tips.

What If You Get Caught Sneaking Alcohol on a Cruise?

Wondering what happens if you get caught sneaking alcohol on a cruise? Learn the consequences of not following your cruise line’s drinking guidelines.

What Is a Transatlantic Cruise?

What is a transatlantic cruise? This unique journey across the Atlantic Ocean is an unforgettable experience. Here’s what to know before booking.

How Does a Cruise Ship Stabilizer Work?

Wondering what a cruise ship stabilizer is and how it works? This article provides you with all of the information you need.

Cruise Ship Out of Water – How Does It Look?

What does a cruise ship out of water look like? Ships look top-heavy, but they are engineered to stay afloat and keep from capsizing.

Who Owns Royal Caribbean – All You Need to Know

Royal Caribbean began with three shipping companies in Norway in 1968 and quickly became a vast empire. But who owns Royal Caribbean today?

What is the Average Capacity of a Cruise Ship?

What is the average capacity of a cruise ship? Modern cruise lines have pushed the limits, doubling their capacity, but is bigger better?
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