20 Must-Know Things About The Carnival Hub App

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Planning your cruising activities shouldn’t be difficult, and cruise lines realize this. That’s why just about every cruise line now offers its own cruising app. For those taking a Carnival cruise in the near future, the Carnival Hub app is invaluable.

The features apply to just about every single aspect of your cruise and the app is useful not only during your cruise but also before and after.

But just like there’s a learning curve to most apps, there’s also a learning curve to the Carnival Hub app (no matter how easy it is to use!). If you’re planning an upcoming Carnival cruise and are interested in using the essential app to enhance your cruising experience, we have you covered.

We’re listing all the must-know things to understand about the app before you board the ship — no matter which of Carnival’s fun vessels you hop aboard for your next vacation.

From purchasing amenity packages to viewing menus, signing up for events to helping you stay connected to your fellow cruisers, the Carnival Hub app can do it all plus so much more. Keep reading for all the details.

1. Why the Carnival Hub App?

The Carnival Hub app is relatively new, launching in 2015 aboard Carnival Breeze. The app helps you complete cruise-related tasks and make the most of your cruise both before and during your vacation.

The app is compatible with iOS and Apple devices that are equipped with iOS 11.0 and up (including iPods!) and is also compatible with Android and Google devices equipped with Nougat and later software updates.

You can use the app with your tablet, but just note that it may look a little funny. The app is meant to work on your cell phone only, so the sizing will be off when you open it on a tablet or non-cell phone device.

2. Which Ships Offer Carnival Ship App Services?

Every ship in Carnival’s fleet is equipped with the essential app! That means you can easily stay connected with friends and family and enjoy your cruise to the fullest no matter which Carnival cruise you choose.

3. Downloading the Carnival App

First things first, you need to download this app before you start your cruise. The app is available for both Android and IOS phones and tablets. If using an iPhone, it should be a version that is at least IOS 11.0 and above this includes iPods as well.

Carnival Hub App Apple Store
Apple Store

Prepare ahead and download the Carnival app before you board your ship. Free to download and use (save for a few special features), you can download the Carnival Hub app in a few places. You can look for the app by name in the Google Play or Apple app store, or you can go straight to the Carnival Hub website to download the app. From there, the website will redirect you to either the app store or Google Play.

4. How Does it Work Before the Cruise?

You can do so much on your Carnival Hub app before you even set foot on ship! Before your cruise, the Carnival Hub app allows you to plan cruise activities, purchase gifts and services, schedule spa treatments, book shore excursions, purchase WiFi plans, make restaurant reservations, and check-in for your cruise.

Carnival Hub App
Photo Courtesy: Carnival Cruise Line

The app’s functions expand once you’re actually on your cruise, to include more capabilities, but, ahead of time, you have everything you need to start planning your dream cruise itinerary.

5. Accessing the App Once Onboard

Before you board your Carnival cruise, you’ll be able to log in to the app using your Carnival account and booking details. However, once you’re onboard the ship, you can access the app by first putting your phone into airplane mode and then accessing the ship’s WiFi, whether you’re using Carnival’s free WiFi or a paid WiFi plan. From there, log in to the app using your folio number and date of birth. Your folio number can be found on your Sail & Sign card.

6. Features

Once you’re onboard and logged into the Hub app via the free cruise ship WiFi, you’ll see access to all of the app’s features. At the top, you’ll see your cruising details, such as room number and muster station, as well as ship time. But beyond this, there are tons of features in the Hub app, which we’ll expand upon.

Carnival Cruise Ship in Miami
Photo Credit: Igor_Koptilin / Shutterstock.com

Take a look at the features you can find in the Hub app:

7. Contacts Section

This section allows you to add your fellow travelers to your contacts for use in the chat feature, if you decide to use it.

8. Chat Feature

The chat feature doesn’t come free with the Hub app, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the extra up-charge. For an additional $5, you can chat with the people in your contacts for the entirety of your cruise. It’s like being able to text, while at sea.

Carnival Hub Chat Feature
Carnival Hub Chat Feature (Image Courtesy: Carnival Cruise Line)

The chat feature is open to cruisers ages 13 and up; for younger cruisers to use the chat feature, parental consent is required. You can invite up to 50 different cruisers to a single group chat.

9. The What’s Happening Feature

The What’s Happening feature gives you full access to everything going on, on the ship, at any given time. You get day-by-day schedules for all of the activities (literally hundreds of activities during a single cruise) and you can view the cruise’s most popular activities, too (in case you want to avoid the most crowded ones, or check out the fan favorites).

Activities on Carnival Hub App
Activities on Carnival Hub App (Image Courtesy: Carnival Cruise Line)

There’s also a day-by-day schedule for all the kids activities, so you can keep tabs on what’s available for the youngest cruisers in your party, as well as receive notifications and reminders for children’s programming check-in and check-out times, so you can manage your child’s schedule just as easily as your own.

Each schedule includes activity times and locations. You can also set reminders for events you want to attend.

10. Open and Closing Times

Don’t make your way to your favorite cruise ship restaurant, only to find it closed when you arrive. Check all of the ship’s open and close times via the app.

11. Food and Drinks

Find all of your ship’s dining options in one place. Learn more about restaurants, foodie events and find menus for each option on board. On some ships, you can even make reservations via the Hub app, or check in for your reservations.

Carnival Hub App Pizza Delivery
Carnival Hub App Pizza Delivery (Image Courtesy: Carnival Cruise Line)

Food and drink options on the Hub app also allow you to order drinks and pizza, as well as other items. To place an order, just pick out your food and beverage options, mark your location on the ship’s map, take a selfie to identify yourself and wait. Options range from gourmet to classic pizzas, beer to soda to bottled water.

As of 2021, new food and drink capabilities on the Hub app allow you to scan QR code menus at all dining venues, in case you want to avoid physical menus.

12. Ship Map

Don’t get lost! The Carnival Hub app’s ship map keeps you on the right track, with detailed deck plans that show you where staterooms, venues, and more are all located.

Carnival Hub App Map
Carnival Hub App Map (Image Courtesy: Carnival Cruise Line)

13. Account Information

Worried you might be spending a little too much cash during your cruise? Keep tabs on all of those drink costs and charges your kid is running up at the arcade, with an easy account balance feature that allows you to see what every guest in your party has been buying.

14. Pixel Photos

If you want to snag one of those photos that a crew member took of you and the family, just go to the Pixel Photos section of your Carnival Hub app and view the photos before purchasing.

Carnival Cruise Line Pixels Photo Wall
Photo Credit: Melissa Mayntz

You can order either digital or physical copies of the photos; the former will be sent straight to your device while the latter will be delivered to your stateroom. Just note, this feature isn’t available on every cruise.

15. Shore Excursions

If you’ve yet to book your shore excursions, you can do so straight from the app. Browse all your options and pick the best shore excursions for you and your family. Just don’t wait too long — the excursions book up pretty quickly!

16. Internet Options

If you didn’t purchase a WiFi package for your cruise ahead of time, you can do so on the Carnival Hub app during your cruise at any time.

If you find that you’re just not enjoying the ship’s free WiFi (which doesn’t allow access to most of your data-heavy websites, like streaming services and social media channels), you can purchase a package that’s more tailored to your needs.

17. Good to Know Section

A FAQ section of the Hub app helps you better navigate your cruise. If you have a question, the Carnival team has answers.

18. Feedback Section

Having problems with the app or wish it could be improved in a certain way? Give your feedback in the app’s feedback section.

19. Virtual Queuing

Who has time on a cruise to wait around in line or wait around for a seat? All that waiting is gone, thanks to the app’s virtual reservations and queuing capabilities. Now, you can reserve your seats virtually from the app, and check in to virtual queues as well.

Carnival Hub App Reservations
Carnival Hub App Reservations (Image Courtesy: Carnival Cruise Line)

You’ll be notified when your seat or place in line is ready. You can even reserve a spot on the new BOLT roller coaster on Carnival’s newest ship, Mardi Gras!

20. Safety Features

As more travelers value health and safety precautions taken by their travel providers, Carnival delivers with features that allow you to submit health info and take health questionnaires before you board the ship. Then, during your cruise, you’ll receive safety- and health-related notifications as necessary.

What are You Waiting For?

There’s a reason that the Carnival Hub app has been downloaded more than 8 million times. It’s extremely handy and well-loved by Carnival travelers, whether you’re a frequent cruiser or a first-time cruiser. So, what are you waiting for? Download the Carnival Hub app now and be prepared for your next cruise.

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Carnival Hub App FAQ

Is the Carnival Hub App Free?

Yes! The Carnival Hub app is free to download and use on your cruise ship’s free WiFi. You’ll only pay for extra, in-app purchases, such as food delivery, photo orders or group chat usage. The app’s group chat functionality is $5 for the duration of your cruise and allows you to chat with up to 50 different fellow cruisers at once.

How to download the Carnival Hub App?

You can download the Carnival Hub app in a few places. You can look for the app by name in the Google Play or Apple app store, or you can go straight to the Carnival Hub website to download the app. From there, the website will redirect you to either the app store or Google Play.

The app is compatible with iOS and Apple devices that are equipped with iOS 11.0 and up (including iPods!) and is also compatible with Android and Google devices equipped with Nougat and later software updates.

What ships does the Carnival Hub App work on?

The Carnival Hub app works on all Carnival ships. Select app features are not available on all ships, such as the Pixel Photos feature that allows you to order cruise photos straight to your device or to be delivered to your stateroom. 

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