18 Must Know Things About The Carnival Hub App

Your ultimate guide to the Carnival Hub App which you'll want to download for your next Carnival Cruise Line vacation. Find out about all the app features along with tips and how to use it.

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Did you know that you can view a variety of specialty restaurant’s menus, purchase cruise packages or even join an exciting event all from the comfort of your stateroom on your next cruise with Carnival?  Now you can. Carnival Hub app which can be found at CarnivalHub.com that lets you do this and many other interesting things.

The app which features a well thought out, easy to use design has been creating a lot of buzz among carnival cruise users and for the right reasons as well. It is packed with useful easy to use features that are guaranteed to improve your cruising experience.

The app has even got the ‘no phone on vacation’ type of people praising it for its usefulness and abandoning their firm stance to include it in their future cruising experience. Not only does it save you the hassles of packing different highlighters or walkie-talkies, but it also saves on paper. And that makes the world a better place already.

But don’t take our word for it, read on to see why this app is a must-have on your next Carnival cruise and even if you already have it, still read on, to get the latest updates.

1. Why Carnival Hub App?

Carnival’s Hub App was launched in 2015 on Carnival Breeze. The App helps you keep in touch with your group while on board, locate places on the ship and stay informed about daily cruise activities and news. The app is compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphones/tablets.

2. Which Ships Offer Carnival Ship App Services?

Good news everyone, as per the information on Carnival’s website, all ships now have the Carnival Hub App on board.

3. Downloading the Carnival App

First things first, you need to download this App before you start your cruise. The app is available for both Android and IOS phones and tablets. If using an iPhone, it should be a version that is at least IOS 9.0 and above this includes iPods as well.

Carnival Hub App

Alternatively, if using an android phone/tablet it should be at least a 4.4 KitKat version and above. Android users can download the app from the Google Play store while IOS users download it from iTunes. The Carnival Hub app is free to download and use unless using the Chat featured mentioned further below.

4. How Does it Work Before the Cruise?

Once you have downloaded the App. It will allow you to upload a profile picture and set your cruise dates. The app won’t do much while you are still on land except show you a countdown timer to your next cruise.

5. Accessing the App Once Onboard

Once on board, you will need to switch your phone to airplane mode, to avoid incurring roaming charges. The App works with Carnival’s Wi-Fi and the best thing is that the Wi-Fi is free.

Once you have switched your ship’s Wi-Fi on. Click on the ‘log me in, I’m on board’ button to log in to the app. The login details are your folio number which is found on your sail and sign card and your date of birth.

6. Features

After login in, the App will show your cruise details on top, like the cruise you are on, room number, muster station etc. One important feature to note found at the top of the App is the Ships time. This time will help you be timely when it comes to the ship’s events, and also not to miss the ship.

Take a look at the features you will find in the App:

7. Contacts Section

This section primarily allows you to add your group to your contacts for easy communications. The search function on this section allows you to find other shipmates as well and connect with them.

Therefore, if you meet some new friends while onboard you can connect with them and keep in touch.

8. Chat Feature

This is one of the most-sort after features on the app. For just $5 per person per cruise, you can activate this feature and chat with your group of friends or family.

You can create a group chat as well, to involve the whole group in a discussion. So, if you are one of those people who finds it silly to carry walkie-talkies, then chat will definitely help you avoid that.

Carnival Hub App

Another benefit of getting this service is you won’t need to invest in expensive internet packages to stay connected with your friends on board.

Chat is only available to people who are 13 years old and above. If you want your kids who are ages 12 and below to use the chat as well, you must give consent for safety reasons.

9. The What’s Happening Feature

The first thing you will see once you login into the app is a series of Carnival’s fun events and cruise news. This section will update you with daily events taking place on the ship. The events will bear time detail such as start and end times for the events, as well as their location.

When you click on an event you are interested in you will see its location on the ship’s map (more on this in a bit). The location will be denoted by a red button, which tapped on, gives you the name and location of the place.

Carnival Hub App

Another fun bit about this section is that you can favorite an event by clicking on the heart icon next to it. What this will do is notify you 15 minutes before the event begins, to remind you to attend.

The app also has a favorites section that lists all the events that you have selected as favorites, allowing you a quick access.

Better still, when cruising as a group you can see everyone else in your group who has also ‘favorited’ the same event as you so that you can go to the event together. Never worry about carrying the fun times paper or packing highlighters ever again.

10. Open and Closing Times

This is a nifty feature in the app that shows all the ship’s facilities opening and closing time. This will help you a great deal when planning what times to visit different facilities. This section also shows you port times, embarking and disembarking times.

11. Food and Drinks

The food and drinks tab shows you what different venues are serving. The times they are opening and closing daily.  If you are interested in a particular meal you can click on it to read its full description.

This section allows you to see what your favorite specialty venues like the Blue Iguana or Cucina Del Capitano are serving. It also allows you to view the location of the venue on the ship.

The app recently got upgraded and you can now view menus too. This saves you the trouble of having to go all the way to the specific venue to check out the menu.

Other things you can do in this section include purchasing drinking packages, like the cheers drinking package or bottomless bubbles beverage options. It also displays dining and beverage events.

12. Ship Map

This is another great feature that has been showered with praises for helping people find their way through the ship easily. The ship’s map gives you deck plans, stateroom, facilities and amenities locations, with all the important areas highlighted with red dots.

Carnival Hub App

When you click on the red dots they show a pop up that gives you the details of the venue. This is a great section to also get the ship’s full onboard offerings. You never know, you might discover some new areas of the ship you never knew about before.

13. Account information

Track your expenditure on the account summary tab. The beauty of this app when it comes to transactions is that they are updated in real time.

Therefore your balances are always up to date. If you are the main account holder, this section also allows you to monitor the spending of the people in your account, like your kids.

Carnival Hub App

However always countercheck that you have been billed correctly, there have been instances where people have been double charged, or charged for something they didn’t buy.

14. Pixel Photos

You know how Carnival cruise ships have those friendly photographers who are always taking your photos at the dinning, on the deck, at the gangway and anywhere else they can manage to take a photo of you at.

The good thing is that you no longer have to go to their studios to sort through hundreds of photos to get yours.

The hub App allows you an easy access to all the photos taken of you by the photographers all throughout the cruise. On the pixels photo tab, you can view your photos, select the ones you like, delete the ones you don’t like and order digital copies to be sent to your phone or tablet.

Alternatively, if you are the old school type, you can order the physical copies to be delivered to your room. The pixels offer is however only available on some select ships. These ships are Carnival Breeze, Carnival Magic, Carnival Victory, Carnival Conquest, Carnival Horizon, and Carnival Vista.

15. Shore Excursions

If you are not an early bird and didn’t get to pre-book your shore excursions, you can do so using the Hub App.

This feature was added recently and it enables you to see details about upcoming shore excursions and allows you to book them straight from the App. Try doing this earlier on in your cruise, often the best shore excursions get booked out very fast.

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16. Internet Options

The internet tab on the app provides you with different internet packages, some starting from as slow as $25 for the entire cruise.  If you want to stay connected with people back at home, you can purchase an internet package and stay in touch with them through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and the likes.

The internet section allows you to view these packages and buy them straight from the App by clicking on the buy button. Note that internet packages are separate from the Chat package.

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17. Good to Know Section

As if the App hasn’t provided enough, it went an extra mile and saved you a trip to guest services. The Carnival Cruise Hub App features an FAQ section that provides tidbits of helpful information for you while on the cruise.

The topics covered cut across a wide range of subjects that ensures all the common and the not so common questions are covered.

18. Feedback Section

The app also features a feedback section, where you can give feedback about your cruise and suggestions for future improvements. Some suggestions that people have made about the App and how to make it better include:

  • That the app should consider adding a weather feature to tell the weather at different destinations so that people can dress accordingly. A map showing the location of the ship would also be nice.
  • Some mothers felt it would be a nice idea to chat with someone from Camp Ocean to find out if their kid’s need anything or want to be picked up.
  • The App would also be very useful if it could retain some functionalities like Account summaries, FAQ, and upcoming cruise deals once of the ship.
  • The App would be great if it would allow people to make dining reservations as well.

But don’t worry people, Carnival promises to work on that last suggestion and hopefully the rest to follow suit in the near future.

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the Carnival Hub App is a must-have app for all Carnival cruise goers. Not only is it free, it is 100% useful and helps you enjoy your cruise that much better.

At Cruise Hive have done our best to give you a detailed description of the App and all its usefulness. We have provided you with 18 things you need to know about the cruise app from Carnival. So, download the app ahead of your next Carnival cruise and enjoy all the brilliant features we have discussed in this article. Happy Cruising!!

Carnival cruise tips for the popular Hub App which can be used while on the ship during a cruise vacation.
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Carnival cruise tips for the popular Hub App which can be used while on the ship during a cruise vacation.
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