Princess Cruises Adds New Package Option for Passengers

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Coffee lovers will be ecstatic about Princess Cruises’ newest addition to the beverage package lineup, the new Grounds Coffee Package, which covers espresso-based beverages and teas.

The package is now available fleet-wide, but costs and other terms vary on different ships depending on cruise length and itinerary.

New Grounds Coffee Package on Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises has quietly introduced a new beverage package option, just covering specialty coffees and teas – similar to the old “punch card” previously available.

Called the “Grounds Coffee Package” the option includes a “specified number of specialty coffees” though the number of coffees will vary on different cruise itineraries, presumably with more beverages included – at a higher price – for longer sailings.

Pricing is calculated to offer the pre-purchased number of specialty coffees or teas at a discount of approximately 20% of the full price if the drinks were purchased one at a time, without any beverage package savings. The actual discount will vary depending on the overall package cost and exact coffees ordered.

Coffee on Cruise Ship
Coffee on Cruise Ship (Photo Credit: Lukassek / Shutterstock)

Guests who have the Grounds package may only get the included coffees at venues where espresso is available, as the drinks cannot be properly crafted at more general bars or lounge venues. The package can only be redeemed during each venue’s normal operating hours.

It should be noted that coffees ordered from room service or selected through stateroom mini bars are not included, nor are bottled or ready-to-drink items such as canned coffee.

If guests do not consume the number of coffees available in the pre-paid package, there will be no prorated refund or credit for drinks left at the end of the cruise. Furthermore, the package cannot be transferred to others, though specialty coffees can be shared if ordered by the purchaser.

Guests may buy the coffee package on board their cruise, or online up to four days prior to sailing to allow for adequate processing time to each guest’s account.

As with all beverage packages, an 18% gratuity will be added to the overall package cost for Grounds.

Isn’t Coffee Already Included?

Princess Cruises offers two other non-alcoholic drink packages in addition to the new Grounds Coffee Package. Specialty coffees and teas are included in the Zero-Alcohol Drink Package, which also includes fountain sodas, fresh juices, smoothies, and mocktails, as well as bottled water and energy drinks.

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The Classic Soda Package, however, does not include coffees or teas of any kind. Guests can, however, choose to purchase specialty coffees or teas at a-la-carte pricing.

Princess Cruises Coffee
Photo Credit: Veronika1702 / Shutterstock

Both the Zero-Alcohol and Classic Soda packages are priced per person, per day, while the Grounds Coffee Package is based on the number of drinks, and those drinks can be consumed at any time during the cruise.

Specialty coffees and teas as also automatically included in both the Plus Beverage and Premier Beverage packages, which include alcoholic drinks, wines by the glass, and discounts on wine bottles, large bottles of water, and cans of soda.

Will Other Cruise Lines Offer Coffee Packages?

Because Princess Cruises is part of the Carnival Corporation & PLC family, there is speculation that similar specialty coffee packages may be introduced to other related cruise lines.

This could include Carnival Cruise Line, AIDA Cruises, Costa Cruises, P&O Cruises (including P&O Cruises Australia), Cunard Line, Holland America Line, and Seabourn.

It should be noted, however, that each cruise line offers different packages, inclusions, and options, and not all lines offer the same drink options.

Where specialty coffees are branded – such as Starbucks – it is unlikely they would be included in any package through the cruise line, as such offerings might be a violation of the agreements and licensing the cruise line has with the coffee retailer.

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