Carnival Partners With AI Provider to Enhance Connectivity

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Carnival Corporation has announced a new partnership with Neuron, a company that provides a connectivity management platform designed to enhance internet connectivity. The world’s largest cruise operator hopes to significantly improve internet connectivity on its cruise ships using Neuron’s AI-powered platform.

The partnership aims to ensure consistent, high-quality internet access for both passengers and crew members, enhancing the overall experience on board.

Neuron and Carnival Aim for Increased Connectivity

Carnival and Neuron, a platform that enhances the overall WiFi and connectivity onboard ships, announced a new partnership on December 5, 2023. Together, the two companies will be using Neuron’s AI-powered platform, which is particularly effective for mobile entities like ships. 

Using real-time data and artificial intelligence, Neuron offers comprehensive control over connectivity across various service providers. This will enable Carnival to get the most out of the new internet offerings the cruise company introduced recently, such as Starlink Maritime and 5G connectivity onboard its newest cruise ship, Carnival Jubilee.

In essence, Neuron uses real-time data and AI to provide companies with incredible insights and control over their connectivity, across multiple providers. This will enable them to offer high-quality connectivity to guests and crew members during their time onboard, with fewer interruptions. 

For things that move, like cruise ships, seamless connectivity is a uniquely tough challenge to solve,” said Benny Retnamony founder & CEO of Neuron. 

“In partnership with Neuron, Carnival Corporation has demonstrated that with the right data and technologies at their fingertips, they can drive more flexible and agile connectivity operations – and as a result, make connectivity experiences even better for their guests and crew, at all times, in all places.”

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In simple terms, Carnival Corporation will use the technology and data to make their internet service better and more reliable for everyone on the ship, no matter where they are.

“We want to continue providing the best available connection at sea and our partnership with Neuron allows us to have full visibility and control over our connectivity,” said Paul Marsh, director of global connectivity for Carnival Corporation. 

“By investing in new and emerging technologies, we can push the boundaries of connectivity innovation with a fresh approach that will accelerate the future of connected cruising and transform the guest experience.”

Enhancing Guest Experiences with Cutting-edge Technology

The integration of advanced technologies such as AI, 5G, and satellite connectivity like Starlink on Carnival-owned cruise ships is revolutionizing the guest experience. This transformation goes far beyond providing stable internet connections.

Guests can soon enjoy seamless streaming, stay in touch with loved ones, and even attend virtual meetings without the fear of connectivity issues, regardless of their location at sea. Compared to just a few years ago, when internet connections were in the single digit Mpbs, this represents a huge leap forward.

AI’s capabilities are set to dramatically enhance how Carnival Corporation interacts with and serves its guests. By analyzing millions of data points collected across the fleet, AI can offer highly personalized services.

Carnival Cruise Ship Deck
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This means guests can enjoy customized recommendations, from activity suggestions based on past preferences to tailored dining experiences. For returning guests, this technology ensures that their in-cabin preferences are remembered and implemented across any ship in the fleet. 

Looking ahead, the potential of these technologies extends even further. AI and advanced connectivity can revolutionize onboard entertainment, virtual excursions, and even navigation and safety protocols. They open the door to innovative experiences never seen before onboard cruise ships.

Establishing partnerships like the one between Carnival and Neuron will also benefit the cruise lines. Internet service on large cruise ships remains a profitable business model, generating substantial revenue for these companies. 

By ensuring that guests are satisfied with the available internet packages and their connectivity, the likelihood of more guests opting for onboard internet purchases will only increase.

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