Carnival Cruise Line Notes Something Guests Should Never Do

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In response to a social media post showing an elaborate arrangement of cords, hooks, and fans on a cruise ship ceiling, Carnival Cruise Line Brand Ambassador John Heald has clarified what can – and can’t – be done in guest staterooms. This is similar to a previous incident also involving items suspended from the ceiling that were not permitted.

No Items Dangling From the Ceiling

A social media photo has been circulating recently showing an elaborate setup to jury rig ceiling fans in a cruise ship cabin. The photo shows two fans, seemingly held in place by a pulley system or other hardware, with magnetic hooks holding up the cords across the stateroom.

It is not possible to identify which cruise line or cruise ship is in the photo, but the photo has drawn the attention of Carnival Cruise Line Brand Ambassador John Heald, who has confirmed that such installations are not permitted.

“I want to confirm that we do not allow anything like this to be done,” Heald said. “Nothing hanging or taped or magnetized or tied to the ceiling is allowed and for obvious safety reasons. Thank you for your understanding.”

It should be noted that the photo shows small fans, magnetic hooks, and what appear to be small extension cords. Each of these items are individually permitted onboard, but it is the ceiling configuration that can be a safety hazard.

Heald did further clarify, however, that guests who bring CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines onboard – a medical necessity for those with sleep apnea – are permitted to use magnets to position the CPAP cords only across the ceiling, so they will not be a trip hazard but the cords can safely reach the power outlets.

Items Hanging from Carnival Cruise Cabin Ceiling
Items Hanging from Carnival Cruise Cabin Ceiling

“We do allow those people using CPAP machines to use magnets to attach the wiring across the ceiling down to the [power outlet] by the dresser. But nothing, nothing at all can be hung from the ceiling,” Heald confirmed.

This incident is similar to another photo that circulated in July 2023, when guests on a Carnival ship – which was confirmed by details in the photo – built a makeshift projector and attached it to the ceiling. At that time, Heald further clarified why such setups were prohibited.

“Ship moves, something falls on head of the guest or cabin attendant plus the fire safety issues,” Heald said.

Why Is This Unsafe?

It may seem like the metal ceiling of a cruise ship stateroom would be a convenient place to attach magnetic hooks to hang items, but the ceilings are not designed to support such weight. Even a pound or two could cause the ceiling panels to warp or even collapse in extreme circumstances.

Furthermore, suspending items from the ceiling may block the stateroom sprinklers or smoke detectors, essential equipment in case of fire.

Suspending items from the ceiling may also damage heating and cooling vents, light fixtures, speakers, or other equipment, depending on how and where items are hung.

Carnival Cruise Cabin
Carnival Cruise Cabin

Some cruise guests have commented that they use hooks for hanging shower curtains as privacy dividers in the stateroom, and others have noted that stateroom decorations ordered through Carnival Cruise Line’s Fun Shops before a cruise are often hung from the ceiling, so there is a bit of confusion about the policy.

When crew members hang decorations in a stateroom, they know exactly where and how to hang items to maintain safety guidelines, and the items are not a risk. As for guests hanging shower curtains – it is possible this may be cracked down on and no longer permitted.

What Magnetic Hooks Can Be Used For

There are many safe, acceptable, and very useful options for magnetic hooks in a cruise ship cabin, however. Hooks can be used for hanging tote bags, beach bags, hats, belts, and other gear when storage space is at a premium. Guests can even use hooks to hang a pocket-style door organizer for more storage.

Some passengers also use hooks as a way to dry swimwear or damp clothing without laying it on the bed and getting the bedding damp.

Hooks can also be used to keep shore excursion tickets safe or to hang lanyards with cruise ship cards for safekeeping so they do not get lost or forgotten.

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Hooks should only be attached to the stateroom walls or doors, however, not to the ceiling or other fixtures. If hooks are attached inappropriately or items are hung from the ceiling, the items may be removed or confiscated and guests could risk fines or censure from the cruise line.

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