Carnival Cruise Line Developing Even More Menu Changes

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Just as Carnival Cruise Line is introducing new menus that will soon roll out to the entire fleet, the cruise line has also announced the development of a new vegan menu for the main dining room. This will provide more plant-based options for cruise travelers for breakfast, brunch, and dinner.

More Vegan Options Coming to Carnival

Carnival Cruise Line brand ambassador John Heald has announced that new vegan menus will be coming to the popular cruise line’s main dining rooms, with plant-based options for every meal. These distinct menus are likely to offer a variety of more expansive dining options, in addition to the vegetarian options already available.

“Something special is coming,” Heald said on his popular Facebook page. “We are designing distinct vegan menus for breakfast, brunch and dinner.”

Carnival Cruise Line Dining
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The menu details are still being finalized, but Heald does say they will be coming soon. There is no indication as to whether the menus will be introduced slowly to individual ships, or if they will be rolled out fleetwide more quickly. No date for the new menus to appear has been announced.

This revelation comes as Heald has attempted to work with unhappy travelers who have claimed “Carnival is being discriminatory” by not including more plant-based options on its menus. It must be noted, however, that the cruise line has offered vegetarian options for many years, as well as extensive salad bars, fruits, and vegetables for guests to enjoy.

Vegetarian or Vegan?

Vegetarian and vegan dietary options, while similar, are not precisely the same.

Vegetarians do not eat “animal flesh” which may include poultry, fish, beef, or any other meat, but vegetarian diets often include some animal-based products such as dairy, eggs, or honey. Vegan diets are typically more strict and avoid any animal-based products being completely plant-based.

Different individuals often adapt their specific dietary choices based on their nutritional needs, health concerns, or personal beliefs. Some vegetarians, for example, avoid dairy but will eat eggs, while others may only eat one type of meat, such as fish or chicken.

Two Carnival Cruise Ships
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Many vegetarian menu items may still include animal-derived products – such as honey used as a sweetener, cheese as a topping, or using butter for cooking – and therefore would not qualify as vegan.

Carnival Cruise Line already offers a variety of vegetarian dishes on its menus, such as roasted vegetable lasagna, baked vegetable au gratin, tropical fruit plates, and vegetarian Indian curries.

According to a 2018 Gallup Poll, approximately 5% of Americans consider themselves vegetarian, while just 3% consider themselves vegan. Many additional individuals, however, are likely to enjoy the occasional vegetarian or vegan dish, depending on their taste preferences.

New Dining Room Menus

This announcement of new vegan main dining room menus comes just after Carnival Cruise Line has begun introducing revitalized menus aboard Carnival Dream, with the intent to roll out the new menus fleetwide later this year.

The new menus do include vegetarian options, but lack any options specifically designated as vegan.

Carnival Cruise Line Menu Change
Carnival Cruise Line Menu Change

Especially disappointing to both vegetarians and vegans are the new “Featured Salads” that are entrée-sized, but each one includes not only cheese, sour cream, eggs, or other non-vegan ingredients, but also proteins such as smoked salmon, bacon, shrimp, or chicken. This makes the salads unsuitable for even the most relaxed vegetarians.

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It is unclear how customizable the entrée salads may be and whether or not guests can request that the animal proteins be left off any salads they may order.

Heald has indicated that the new menus are continuing to be refined as the cruise line receives guest feedback, and there may yet be modifications to the new dishes before the menus are introduced fleetwide.

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