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Lissa Poirot has been covering travel for more than a decade, including sites such as TripAdvisor, CruiseCritic, The Points Guy, Family Vacation Critic, and Family Traveller. Her love of travel has led Lissa to visit more than 43 countries and has her on a mission to see every state in the U.S. (only 4 states to go!). When she's not traveling, she's exploring new attractions and events on the weekends, be it in New York City or Philadelphia, as Lissa lives between both fabulous cities.

Passengers on Flight Given Free Cruise from Sir Richard Branson

Virgin Voyages and Delta Air Lines delight over 160 travelers with free cruise to the Caribbean on Resilient Lady.

Carnival Sets Sights on Massive Fundraising Goal

Carnival Cruise Line commits $50 million to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital by 2030 after surpassing previous target.

Sun Princess Sets Sail, Marking New Milestone for Princess Cruises

After initial delays, Princess Cruises’ new Sphere-class Sun Princess embarks on its maiden voyage for a season in the Mediterranean.

Short Cruise is Scrapped Last Minute for Deep Cleaning

A gastro-related illness outbreak forces a short cruise for passengers on the Balmoral cruise ship to be scrapped for deep cleaning.

Cruise Ship Navigates Through Space Debris Warning Zone

Island Princess cruise passengers receive captain’s warning of potential space debris fallout in the Indian Ocean during world cruise.

The Impact of Red Sea Tensions on Cruising

Unrest in the Red Sea region prompts major cruise lines to rethink itineraries, affecting travel plans and heightening focus on passenger safety.

Norwegian Halts Sailings for Two Ships Over Red Sea Tensions

Passenger and crew safety is the reason behind the cancellation of select sailings of Norwegian Dawn and Norwegian Sky in the late 2024 season.

Canadian Port Poised to Have Record-Breaking Season

An unprecedented surge in cruise activity in Port Charlottetown anticipates 165,000 cruise passengers in 2024.

Popular Cruise Destination Shatters Tourism Records

The Bahamas sets a new tourism record with over 9.65 million visitors, a substantial increase driven by growth in both air and sea travel.
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