Another Sailing Cancelled for Iconic Cunard Ship

After the last-minute cancelling of a transatlantic crossing, Cunard has also cancelled the next Queen Mary 2 voyage but guests have options.

Shortly after cancelling a Queen Mary 2 transatlantic crossing at the very last minute on embarkation day, Cunard has also reached out to guests booked aboard the following sailing – a return transatlantic trip from New York to Southampton – that the second voyage is also cancelled.

Because that sailing is a week away, guests have slightly more flexibility to arrange alternative travel plans if necessary.

Second Crossing Cancelled for Queen Mary 2

Guests have been notified that the April 30, 2023 transatlantic crossing of Queen Mary 2 from New York to Southampton has been cancelled for the same “technical issue” that caused the last minute cancellation of the April 23 sailing even as guests were heading to the cruise terminal.

The April 30 crossing was to be the beginning of a 26-night roundtrip voyage for some travelers, going from New York to Southampton, then visiting Hamburg, Germany, briefly before exploring the Norwegian Fjords with four different ports of call. The ship would then return to Hamburg for a second visit before returning to Southampton.

The following leg of the cruise would be from Southampton to Paris (Le Havre), then on to New York, arriving on May 26 to complete the round-trip loop.

Queen Mary 2
Queen Mary 2

While guests booked aboard the second now-cancelled crossing may also receive a full refund of their cruise fare plus a 20% future cruise credit (FCC) for a future sailing, they do have another option.

Because the second crossing was to have been part of a longer trip with multiple legs, guests booked on the more expanded itinerary may also make their own arrangements to reach Southampton on May 7, 2023 to join the ship for the sailing to the Norwegian fjords and on to the westbound crossing back to New York.

No word is available on whether Cunard will be assisting with those travel plans, including any compensation for the missing portion of the trip, but it does give guests more options for continuing what would undoubtedly be a once-in-a-lifetime sailing.

Guests with travel insurance should contact their insurance carrier right away to discuss options either for the full cancellation or the abridged trip as applicable.

Why the Cancellation?

Cunard has informed guests that both cruises are cancelled for a “technical issue” that cannot be repaired quickly, and the ship is unable to sail until the repair is completed.

There is no detail on what type of technical issue is causing the difficulties, nor which of the ship’s systems is impacted, but it is likely a safety or engineering issue that impacts the ship’s overall operation. “We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience this will cause,” the email to guests concluded.

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Queen Mary 2 Ship
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Cruise lines must be very strict about repairs, particularly to safety systems or engines. It is possible that the type of repair Queen Mary 2 now requires may need the expertise of certain specialist engineers, or a specific type of replacement part or repair equipment that may take a few days to arrive at the ship.

Queen Mary 2 is the oldest ship actively sailing in the Cunard fleet, having been constructed in 2003 and officially debuted in 2004. In the 20 years since the vessel’s construction, there have been significant advances in engineering, materials, and other aspects of ship design, and it may be challenging for the cruise line to procure certain replacement parts.

Weighing in at 149,215 gross tons, Queen Mary 2 is also the largest ship in the Cunard fleet and serves as the line’s flagship. She will also outweigh the 113,300-gross-ton Queen Anne when the new ship joins the fleet in spring 2024.

Queen Mary 2 was christened by Queen Elizabeth II, and has had a productive and memorable service life to date. Able to welcome 2,695 guests onboard for each cruise, Queen Mary 2 is staffed by more than 1,200 international crew members who provide the line’s signature elegant service for all aboard.


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