Cruise News Royal Caribbean Young Boy Nearly Drowns In Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Swimming Pool

Young Boy Nearly Drowns In Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Swimming Pool

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Here is the latest statement from Royal Caribbean:

On Thursday, June 30, an eight-year old boy onboard Anthem of the Seas was treated by the ship’s medical team after an accident in one of the ship’s swimming pools, but required additional medical attention. The ship altered its course and sailed back towards Bayonne, New Jersey, and the boy has been evacuated is being treated at a hospital.  Royal Caribbean’s Care Team is providing support to the guest’s family.


Terrible news is coming out today of a 8-year-old boy who nearly drowned in a Royal Caribbean cruise ship swimming pool on Thursday evening at around 6 PM. The ship in question is Anthem of the Seas which entered service for the Miami based cruise line in 2015.

The United States Coast Guard has said the young boy was in the ship’s pool for 8-10 minutes and was then found by crew members. The boy was unresponsive and received urgent medical attention from the ships onboard medical staff. As a result of this Anthem of the Seas turned back towards its home port at Bayonne, New Jersey so the boy could be transferred to a Hospital on Staten Island via Helicopter.

Royal Caribbean is providing support to the family and we do hope he makes a full recovery. The quantum class cruise ship was just starting a 9-night Bermuda and Caribbean cruise. the vessel originally departed Bayonne at around 4 PM. Anthem of the Seas is 168,666 gross ton ship which can carry 4,180 passengers at double occupancy.

Anthem of the Seas

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Anthem of the Seas
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