Cruise News Carnival Cruise Line You Won't Believe How Much These Guys Order From Room Service!

You Won’t Believe How Much These Guys Order From Room Service!

Passengers onboard a Carnival cruise ship ordered the full room service menu and recorded it all for YouTube. Carnival Cruise Line loved the video so much that they posted it on Twitter.

A video was made for the FoodBeast YouTube channel onboard the Carnival Sunshine. Marc Kharrat and Rudy Chaney decided to order the full room service menu. Marc begins by calling them and ordering everything! Just imagine what the crew member thought on the other end of the line. The call ends with the desserts and then the waiting period begins. It’s not clear how long they waited but for that amount of food it must have been for a long time!

The room service finally comes and all the dishes can be seen spread across the staterooms bed. There’s so much that even another passenger and his wife joined them. They all get stuck into their food and once finished a large amount of empty plates, glasses, bowls and some leftovers can be seen stacked up outside the stateroom.

What’s the most food you’ve ever ordered from room service? let us know in the comments below.


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