Woman Nabs Cheating Partner on Carnival Cruise Ship Camera

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What happens on a cruise ship doesn’t always stay on a cruise ship, especially if it’s done on the open deck when live cameras may be streamed over the ship’s television network.

On a recent Carnival cruise, a popular TikTok influencer spotted her boyfriend warming up to another woman over the ship’s Lido deck camera, which apparently led to a breakup. But was the incident real?

Cheating Spotting on Ship’s Camera

TikTok influencer Kayla Gardner, who boasts more than 504,000 followers, recently shared a series of brief clips from a Carnival cruise, during which she apparently spotted her boyfriend getting a bit too friendly with another woman.

The video with the incriminating encounter was from the ship’s CCTV network, streaming a live feed from the Lido deck. While the ship is not identified, the view of the Lido deck with the central yellow waterslide and pool shape indicates that it is most likely a Sunshine-class vessel: Carnival Sunrise, Carnival Radiance, or Carnival Sunshine.

Carnival Sunrise Deck
Photo Courtesy: Carnival Cruise Line

In Gardner’s TikTok videos, she and her friend in the stateroom are exclaiming and squealing over sighting “him” getting another unidentified woman’s phone number and hugging her, as Gardner then rushes out the door, ostensibly to confront her boyfriend.

“We have a 911 on upper Lido Deck,” Gardner calls into a walkie-talkie. “Everybody go to upper Lido Deck right now!”

Was It Real?

There is a lot of speculation about whether or not the incident was actually catching a cheating boyfriend, or if it was simply staged to garner social media hits – a not uncommon strategy on many social media platforms.

Gardner is understandably cryptic about the incident, noting only in later brief videos about the “cheating aftermath” and her now-single status. The boyfriend is not identified, nor is there any video of the actual confrontation on Lido Deck, if she did indeed manage to find him and the other woman.

Cruise Passenger Cheating

Gardner is now, however, soliciting other women to share their men’s Instagram accounts on a “personal life’s mission” to catch a cheater in the act, which does make the incident seem more stunt-like rather than an actual event.

It is entirely likely, however, that such behavior could easily be captured by a cruise ship’s cameras, which are prominently found in public areas. The cameras are in place as a security measure to record any potential incidents such as fights, damage, or possibly cheating boyfriends.

The more interesting cameras are often livestreamed through the ship’s CCTV system, letting passengers get a glimpse of activities onboard from the comfort of their staterooms. The bridge view, pool deck cameras, and occasional other views may be shared.

Filming in Public

With so much technology at cruisers’ fingertips and big business now a part of the social media market, it is no surprise that more videos than ever are filmed onboard cruise ships.

Passengers never know when they might be caught on camera, particularly in public areas and on open decks, and it is always wise to behave in a way you wouldn’t mind being filmed – no matter who might ultimately see the video.

Furthermore, standard security footage, facial recognition technology, and port security cameras are also always on the alert for illicit activity. While an unfaithful relationship may not qualify, it certainly is wise for every cruiser to be on their best behavior even as they relax onboard.

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