What is Cruise Vacation Travel Insurance?

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Your cruise vacation is an investment, and you might want to purchase travel insurance… just in case. While everyone is excited about the voyage, there is always a chance (however slim) that something could go awry.

Your plane could be delayed; luggage lost; illness strikes; weather issues; or unforeseen events. Cruise vacation travel insurance is available to cover your financial situation in each of these instances.

Trip delays

The various legs of your journey to the port of embarkation could be fraught with delays. The connecting plane is late to the airport; your taxi to the ship has a mechanical issue; or your baggage does not arrive when you do. For the latter, cruise vacation travel insurance can cover baggage delay and baggage loss.

There will be per-person and daily limits on the amount you will be able to claim for either situation. Also, travel insurance can be a supplement to any insurance you may have with airlines or common carriers involved in a claim for trip delays.

Medical issues

There are two scenarios to consider with a medical interruption of your cruise vacation. The first is an unexpected illness that completely cancels your trip. With cruise insurance you will not face penalty cancellation fees, nor lose the entire cost of the trip.

The second medical issue could arise through illness or injury while on the cruise. Medical care onboard or in another country can be quite expensive. You may even have to be evacuated from the ship, and then pay upfront for care.

It’s unlikely that your health insurance from home will cover you, particularly outside your home country (state). Cruise vacation travel insurance will reimburse you should these medical issues arise before or during your vacation.

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The weather

A cruise vacation is particularly susceptible to weather cancellations or delays. Itinerary changes, excursion cancellations, or entire cruise changes can be covered with the proper travel insurance. Be sure to read the fine print so that bad weather will not dampen your vacation. Some companies even offer a weather clause that includes inclement interruptions at your home location that require you to change your cruising plans.

Unforeseen events

The first unforeseen event that could negatively impact your cruise is mechanical problems with the ship. We’ve all seen the news stories. Either stuck onboard ship or unexpectedly deposited at a foreign port is not anyone’s idea of fun.

What is Cruise Vacation Travel Insurance?
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However, with travel insurance you could grab a hotel room, stay a few days, and catch a flight home knowing that some (or all) of these unexpected expenses will be reimbursed.

The next unforeseen event could involve the solvency of a cruise line or travel supplier. Should a company go ‘belly up,’ your costs could be reimbursed with the proper travel insurance. Be aware that if you purchase your policy with the cruise line, you would not be covered.

The final unexpected interruption of your cruise vacation could manifest in the form of war or terrorism. It is an unfortunate fact that we should at least consider this type of event in our plans. Carefully read the policy for location and timeframe restrictions.

Final thoughts on Cruise Vacation Travel Insurance

Cruise vacation travel insurance can be customized to your anticipated needs. It is recommended that you seek coverage from a third party company rather than the cruise line or travel agency to ensure your interests are covered.

What is Cruise Vacation Travel Insurance?

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What is Cruise Vacation Travel Insurance?
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