What Are the Best Carnival Cruises to Alaska?

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Experience the fun of going to Alaska with the Carnival Cruise Line. Carnival cruises are designed to offer family-friendly, low-cost adventures. Cruises always provide the best in entertainment, fascinating shore excursions, and culinary delights. There is never a dull moment on a cruise ship!

Carnival Freedom, Carnival Legend, and Carnival Miracle sail to Alaska over the summer months when there is mild weather. They offer one-to-two-week itineraries. However, what really sets Carnival cruises apart are their attentive stewards, comfortable staterooms, and fresh, colorful décor.

Carnival Freedom

Carnival Freedom caters to the passenger who just wants to have fun. If you’re a guest aboard this cruise line, you can spend days exploring the ship and never find an end to the multitude of options available to you.

Carnival Freedom Cruise Ship
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Your itinerary will begin by departing from Seattle and spending two days at sea. Finally, on Day 3, guests will encounter Tracy Arm Fjord – a narrow passageway between two large glaciers. You will enjoy sparkling waterfalls and icy sculptures on your journey.

Day 4 will take you through the Skagway, which has also been named “Mr. History” as it has many past wonders for you to discover. Guests can enjoy going up the Takshanuk Mountain Trail using a 4×4. Explore the wilderness at Tracy Arm, which is near the breathtaking Sawyer Glaciers. You can also leave the city behind and explore Alaska’s remote glaciers by helicopter.

Day 5 starts with an epic adventure in Juneau where people can experience gold mining, kayaking, and whale watching. Visit the Mendenhall Glacier & Wildlife Quest to view Alaska’s natural wonders, which include wildlife and the Mendenhall Glacier.

Engage in a boutique excursion that combines a gentle guided walk with marine exploration. Passengers can also visit Alaska’s top three attractions with a whales-guaranteed cruise, viewing the Mendenhall Glacier, and participating in a salmon bake.

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For those who have a passion for the outdoors, Day 6 will take you to Ketchikan where you can participate in fishing, mountain climbing, or exploring the vast forests. In terms of activities, guests can go flying, boating, zip-lining, kayaking, or glacier trekking. If you enjoy art, there is a thriving art scene complete with totem poles.

Victoria will take your breath away on Day 7, as you will end your day with an area filled with British heritage and beautiful gardens. Feel like royalty by visiting Craigdarroch Castle or grabbing a spot of tea. The next morning, you will arrive back in Seattle for departure from this exceptionally beautiful tour.

Carnival Miracle

The Carnival Miracle cruise ship will transport you to another world filled with gorgeous destinations and onboard activities inspired by a fantasy theme. Take a break from reality with a show in the Phantom Lounge. Dance all night at Dr. Frankenstein’s Lab or experience music like never before at Sam’s Piano Bar.

Carnival Cruise Ship in Alaska
Photo: Carnival Cruise Line

Cruises range from 10 to 14 days. Passengers can choose to leave from San Francisco or Los Angeles. Itineraries offered include the following:

  • San Francisco- Juneau- Skagway- Icy Strait Point- Tracy Arm Fjord- Victoria- San Francisco
  • San Francisco- Sitka- Skagway- Juneau- Tracy Arm Fjord- Victoria- San Francisco
  • San Francisco- Icy Strait Point- Juneau- Skagway- Tracy Arm Fjord- Victoria- San Francisco
  • San Francisco- Icy Strait Point- Juneau- Tracy Arm Fjord- Ketchikan- Victoria- San Francisco
  • San Francisco- Sitka- Juneau- Tracy Arm Fjord- Ketchikan- Victoria- San Francisco
  • San Francisco- Juneau- Skagway- Icy Strait Point- Tracy Arm Fjord- Victoria- San Francisco 
  • Los Angeles (Long Beach)- Ketchikan- Tracy Arm Fjord- Skagway- Juneau- Icy Strait Point- Sitka- Victoria- Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles (Long Beach)- Ketchikan- Tracy Arm Fjord- Juneau- Skagway- Icy Strait Point- Sitka- Victoria- Los Angeles

One of the differences in this cruise is the Icy Strait Point. Guests can explore nature and go on a Tlingit village tour. The event ends with a tribal dance performance. For the nature lover, you can go on the Whales, Wildlife & Bear Search, or the Whale and Wildlife Cruise. Experience the wilderness of Chichagof Island by viewing local wildlife. 

One excursion will take you to Sitka where you will experience the breathtaking scenery of surrounding mountains, forests, and numerous islands. This historically-rich site is where the United States officially purchased Alaska from Russia. 

Carnival Journeys

Carnival Journeys is designed for those who want a unique travel experience that is ideal for sharing with others. This line offers a limited amount of special sailings to various ports. Whatever your destination, Carnival Journeys ensures that it is of top quality, and that guests will have the best experience imaginable 

Cruise Ships Docked At Skagway Alaska
Photo Credit: Nenad Basic / Shutterstock

This cruise is fourteen days in duration. Passengers leave from Los Angeles and the itinerary is as follows: 

  • Los Angeles (Long Beach)- Ketchikan- Tracy Arm Fjord- Juneau- Skagway- Icy Strait Point- Sitka- Victoria, British Columbia, Los Angeles (Long Beach)
  • Los Angeles (Long Beach)- Ketchikan- Tracy Arm Fjord- Skagway- Juneau- Icy Strait Point- Sitka- Victoria, British Columbia, Los Angeles (Long Beach)

Some of the day excursions will have you zip-lining, glacier trekking, airplaning, or kayaking in the outdoors. Others will have you on a seaplane exploring five different glaciers in Juneau or simply viewing wildlife in its natural habitat.

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While recent bans from Canada have been lifted as of November 2021, things may change as more variants of the COVID-19 virus are discovered. For now, cruise ships are permitted to go through Canadian waters. The resuming of cruises was brought into effect ahead of schedule.

While there are slight variations in Carnival Miracle and Carnival Freedom cruises to Alaska, these differences aren’t too significant. Each Carnival cruise ship has different offerings and themes. So, pick one that contains the activities that you and/or your family will enjoy the most.

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