16 Ways to Enjoy the Carnival Conquest Cruise Ship

Find out all the ways you can enjoy a Carnival Conquest cruise along with tips and things to do onboard the Carnival cruise ship.

The Carnival Conquest cruise ship is a — you guessed it — Conquest-class ship. Originally launched in 2002, this ship has been sailing the high seas for nearly 20 years, but it did receive a renovation in 2009.

It’s known for its French Impressionist decor style (as the ship has strong ties to New Orleans) and its huge amount of staterooms with ocean views and balconies (that’s 60 percent of all staterooms with ocean views and 60 percent of those staterooms with balconies).

This ship can host just over 3,750 guests, though the normal cruise capacity hovers under 3,000, with a crew size of just over 1,000, for a nice one crew member per every three cruisers.

There are just under 1,500 staterooms and 13 guest decks. Staterooms are split into interior staterooms, ocean view staterooms, ocean view staterooms with balconies, scenic ocean view staterooms and various suites. All in all, there are approximately 1,400 staterooms and just under 90 suites.

Guests can expect more than a dozen entertainment venues and nearly 20 different dining venues, alongside various outdoor recreation areas and children’s facilities.

The Carnival Conquest cruise ship is a great pick for those American traveling families who want to see the Caribbean over a short time period, at an affordable price, with all of the cruising amenities that modern-day travelers have come to expect. There’s always something happening, and always some way to find entertainment, relaxation or a bite to eat.

Whether you already have a Carnival Conquest cruise booked and you want to know what to expect, or you are considering taking a Carnival Conquest cruise later in the year and want to know if it’s right for you, these are the 16 ways you can enjoy your Carnival Conquest cruise to its full potential.

1. Fit the Cruising Experience to Your Needs

Did you know that Carnival Cruise Line fits each cruise to its passengers’ special needs? This means that accessibility will be no problem for you and your family. You can easily find a stateroom that’s modified to be accessible for any traveler, even if you need room for a mobility scooter.

Likewise, just let the crew know that you have special dietary needs or need accommodations for hearing impairments or other limitations, and they’re happy to adjust to your requirements, ensuring you have the best cruising experience aboard Carnival Conquest possible.

2. Indulge in a Little Luxury

Remember how we mentioned that the Carnival Conquest ship has 1,400 staterooms and just under 90 suites? This means you have loads of accommodation options to choose from, but some options are better than others.

As stated, so many of the staterooms have ocean views and so many of those staterooms have balconies. You can indulge in a little extra luxury for not a lot more money and book a stateroom with awesome water views, or you can step things up even further and book a suite, for extra space in your living area, bedroom, bathroom and on your deck.

This is a great option for those that want to live a little more luxuriously while on their cruise, or those who are traveling as a large family and need the extra space to spread out and get comfortable.

3. Come Hungry

There are so many different dining options aboard a Carnival Conquest cruise — there are more than 20 different dining venues! So many of these dining options are Carnival classics, too, so if you have friends or family members who are Carnival fans and keep recommending you try out their favorite restaurant or bar aboard your own cruise, you’re in luck.

More likely than not, Carnival Conquest has exactly that dining experience, so you can try it out for yourself and then compare and contrast cruising experiences with your cruising family members or friends.

4. Explore a World of Cuisines

With more than 20 dining venues, the range of culinary options is really expansive. Don’t miss out your chance to try out the various cuisines aboard the Carnival Conquest.

Carnival Lido Dining
Photo By: Russell Otway

These include Mexican delights, like the tacos and burritos you’ll find at BlueIguana Cantina; the family-style Italian fare at Cucina Del Capitano; the Asian flair you can try at both Bonsai Sushi and Ji Ji Asian Kitchen; and the Mongolian stir-frys the chefs are cooking up at Mongolian Wok, 24/7.

5. Relax and Rejuvenate

Sometimes all the different offerings aboard the Carnival Conquest can seem a little overwhelming. Pair that with all the stress back home and you might find yourself feeling a bit frazzled. Don’t let that get to you, though. Head to the on-board spa for relaxing and rejuvenating treatments that include everything from massages to body wraps to facials to manicures.

There are hair and nail treatments for a bit of beautification, and completely health-driven treatments that leave you feeling like a brand new person. The spa can be an all-day activity all on its own, with its steam rooms and saunas and relaxing environment that encourage you to escape into your own world of peace and tranquility.

You can also book treatments for two, whether you want to relax with your spouse, significant other or even your son or daughter.

6. Stay Fit

Just because you’re aboard a cruise ship having the time of your life on vacation, that definitely doesn’t mean that you have to let your beach body go to waste. Keep those abs in check and head to the Carnival Conquest on-board gym, which we promise is not your ordinary fitness center.

Carnival Vista Spa
Photo by Andy Newman/Carnival Cruise Line

This cruise-worthy experience has all the state of the art and modern equipment you need for your fitness regimen, but with all ocean views. The Carnival team has placed each piece of equipment just so, giving every single guest an unbeatable view while they work out a sweat.

7. Pick Up a Guilty Pleasure

If you want to pick up a guilty pleasure right after your workout, we won’t judge. Whether you prefer coffee with loads of sugary syrup, a milkshake topped with mountains of whipped cream or a baked treat fit for a Parisian patisserie, you can find a spot selling what you crave at just about any hour of the day.

JavaBlue Cafe offers baked treats and snacks, plus coffee. The Shake Spot has all the ice cream and milkshakes you could need (including boozy options). The Coffee Bar has every type of coffee and tea and other caffeinated beverages your heart desires.

If your guilty pleasure just happens to be an all-beef frankfurter with all the fixin’s, like you might find at your favorite baseball stadium, then just head up to Seadogs on the top deck.

8. Travel to Flavor Town

Of course, there’s one dining venue aboard Carnival Conquest that’s a complete can’t-miss. Guy’s Burger Joint takes you straight to Flavor Town, with this Food Network star’s outpost exclusive to Carnival cruise ships. The burgers are piled high with your favorite toppings and grilled fresh, for a truly unforgettable dining experience.

9. Break a Move on the Dance Floor

If it’s live music you love, there’s certainly no shortage of that on a Carnival Conquest cruise. Dj Irie takes the DJ booth for some totally grind-worthy tunes that’ll leave you sweating but begging for more fun. Live music throughout the ship all day long ranges from party jams to rock, island beats to classic piano sounds.

The live karaoke shows gives you the chance to dance while your fellow cruisers croon — then you can take the stage for yourself and belt out your favorites.

Or, if you prefer to let others do the dancing for you while you sit back and watch, head to one of the Playlist Productions shows, where the musical theater is fit for Broadway.

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10. Interactive Entertainment

The entertainment is interactive aboard Carnival Conquest, giving your family the chance to get hands on during all your favorite shows. At the Thrill Theater, you can enjoy a feature film in an immersive environment that brings all the special effects right to your very seat.

At Hasbro, The Game Show, enjoy all your favorite childhood games in a brand-new way, in a larger than life board game that pits cruisers against one another for fun prizes.

11. Be Our Guest

Of course, if you want to be entertained while you simply sit back and relax, there’s that option as well. Stage Shows are filled with dancing, music and singing, with nary an ounce of audience participation on your part.

Carnival Ship Comedy Lounge
Photo: Copyright Cruise Hive

The Punchliner Comedy Club is a great place to catch some jokes and laughs, whether you prefer more lighthearted, family-friendly comedy, or something a bit raunchier after hours. Plus, Carnival’s Seaside Theater gives you the chance to enjoy flicks in the great outdoors, complete with drinks and snacks.

12. Get Wet

There are tons of options when it comes to donning your swimsuit and taking a dip. The favorite by far, however, is the Carnival Waterworks on-board waterpark.

With waterslides, pipes, buckets and more, you can have an adrenaline-pumping experience racing your friends in the water slide or just relax in the deep end with a drink in hand. It doesn’t matter how old you might be, Waterworks is a fun experience for everyone in the family.

13. Get Competitive

There’s nothing that quite brings the family together like a little competition. Head to SportSquare and challenge your spouse, significant other or kids to a game of basketball, volleyball, ping-pong, foosball, pool or miniature golf.

Or, you can try a team building experience and take to the skies with the challenging ropes course. Want to get out of the sun? Head to the video arcade for some digital racing.

14. Visit the Carnival Shops

Whether you just like to window shop or you’re on the hunt for a special gift for that special someone back home, you could spend hours browsing the shops aboard Carnival Conquest.

Carnival Horizon, Monfalcone

From souvenirs to electronics, liquors to designer clothing, the duty-free shops offer something for everyone. If it’s art that you’re into, the Art Gallery hosts art auctions as well, with complimentary Champagne and free gifts. Sports memorabilia is also auctioned off.

15. Place Your Bets

The on-board casino is a great place to try your luck and maybe win a little bit of extra money to spend on your next shore excursion. There’s poker, both with electronic tables and live dealers, with bets starting at $5.

There’s roulette, for an easy game that’s both exciting and simple enough that even novice casino-goers can have a good time. There are even casino tournaments, if you really want to get competitive.

16. Catch the Big Game

Just because you’re at sea, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the big game. Head to the EA Sports Bar for the first-ever sports bar of its kind at sea.

Watch your favorite teams on the big screens and maybe even play a few games yourself when there’s nothing on that you want to watch. Grab a beer, some snacks and make a few friends as you cheer on the home team.

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What are You Waiting for?

There are so many different ways to enjoy the experience of a Carnival Conquest cruise ship. Whatever your interests, whatever type of traveler you might be, you’ll find something to love on a Carnival Conquest cruise. The 16 activities we’ve listed above just barely scratch the surface.

So, whether you’re headed on a cruise this summer or you’ve yet to book, what are you waiting for? The high seas and Carnival Conquest await with all the fun you need for the best trip of your life.

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