Ways Not To Get Sick With The Norovirus While Cruising

You’ll always read about news of the Norovirus which has spread onboard some cruise ship which can be pretty scary especially if you don’t cruise that often or not at all. Well don’t worry because there are ways to protect yourself while onboard so you can continue to enjoy the cruise that you purchased.

First of all Norovirus is common and most cruise lines do have plans and procedures to keep the spread to a minimum. Not just that but even if there is no Norovirus outbreak you’ll always see crew members cleaning and sanitizing important areas of the ship like the stair handrails and toilets.

The Norovirus is also known as gastrointestinal illness which causes people to be sick and have diarrhea. But remember this also occurs on land and not just on cruise ships but the problem is ships are enclosed and with so many passengers all in once place it’s easier for the virus to spread.


One of the most important ways to keep yourself well is to always wash your hands after everything you do! I know it sounds silly but that’s one of the easiest ways to get it. Many cruise ships will have hand sanitizer at specific locations onboard so don’t just walk past them! actually use them, it only takes several seconds to put it on your hand. Always wash your hands before and after you use any toilet, touching items in the shops, using the machines in the casino and of course when eating.

If you can see that someone near you doesn’t look so good and is coughing and sneezing then the best thing to do is cover your mouth and nose. Sounds a bit crazy but if it stops you from getting sick then who cares! Maybe suggest to the person to go and visit the ships medical center so the illness doesn’t spread. Many people never go to seek medical attention and hope to just wait it out which also helps spread a gastrointestinal sickness around the ship.

Some other simple ways to not get ill while cruising is to not share any food or drink from the same plate or cup with anyone else. If that person is sick it could easily spread to you. Sometimes just the friendliest of things can make you sick by even holding an ice cream for someone else for just a few minutes could increase your risk. So be very careful about what you’re doing especially in the public spaces on the ship.

You don’t always have to be so careful but if you know that there is an outbreak of gastrointestinal illness onboard or even notice that there are many fellow passengers who seem sick then take action and protect yourself which will also slow down the spreading of the virus.

The CDC has a page dedicated to the Norovirus with tips and advice to stay protected so you might want to visit it before your next cruise. If you have anymore suggestions on ways to stop getting sick while cruising simply post them in the comments below which could help new cruisers.

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Emrys Thakkar
Emrys Thakkar
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