Viking Debuting Three New Arctic Voyages in 2025

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Viking has just revealed news about three new Arctic itineraries scheduled to set sail. All three are slated to begin in July 2025.

Viking’s 2025 Arctic Expeditions

Viking (Viking River Cruises, Viking Expeditions, and Viking Ocean Cruises), headquartered out of Basel, Switzerland, has just revealed that the company plans to introduce three brand new itineraries headed for the northern regions of the planet in 2025.

These trips, lasting anywhere from 13 to 27 days, will include voyages around Canada and Greenland during the 2025 summer season. 

“Our guests are curious travelers who are eager to explore new and different regions of the world, in Viking comfort,” Viking Chairman Torstein Hagen explained.

“From the time of Leif Eriksson and the original Vikings, Greenland and the Canadian High Arctic have fascinated intrepid explorers,” Hagen said, offering potential clients a mini-history lesson about the polar region. “Today, there is no better way to experience this pristine area of the world than from the comfort of our purpose-built expedition ships.”

Viking Octantis Cruise Ship
Photo Courtesy: Viking Cruises

Viking’s vessels are set to pass by icebergs and plow through the frigid northern waters of Canada and Greenland, with two of the three voyages including visits to the Canadian High Arctic.

The arctic-grade 30,150-ton Viking Octantis, along with Viking Polaris (also 30,150 tons), both of which can accommodate a total of 378 passengers inside 189 cabins, will be the main vessels employed during these exciting Arctic voyages.

Viking Octantis came out of Romania’s Fincantieri Vard Tulcea shipyard and was finished in Norway in late 2021. Viking Polariscoming out of Norway, was completed a year later, and launched in September 2022.

These ships, specifically designed for exploratory journeys, are tailored to ensure safety and convenience for everyone onboard the boats as the guests and crew sail through isolated locations.

Distinctive Artic Voyages and “End of the World” Cruises

Here’s a quick breakdown of Viking’s newest 2025 Arctic expeditions—plus a few other trips planned for 2023 and 2024:

1. Into the Northwest Passage trips are scheduled to last 13 days. Passengers will embark from and return to Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, for a thrilling voyage with kayaking and Zodiac adventures in the mix. Travelers will be able to visit the Canadian High Arctic as well. Departures are available from July to September 2025.

Viking on Great Lakes
Photo Credit: Captured Photons / Shutterstock

2. Canada & Greenland Explorer outings will encompass 15-day voyages from Toronto, Ontario to Nuuk. Guests will be able to enjoy an incredible expedition along coastal Canada and Greenland, filled with mesmerizing wild beauty and the famed midnight sun. Cruise aficionados should keep July or September 2025 open if interested in this particular voyage.

3. Canadian Exploration & Northwest Passage will take passengers out to sea for 27 days, from Nuuk to Toronto. The Canadian High Arctic and Greenland will be on the adventure menu, along with all of the icebergs, deep fjords, and marine life you’d expect to see on such a journey. Departures are available in July and September 2025.

In addition to these three voyages, the Viking Octantis will traverse from the Great Lakes to Ushuaia, the southernmost region of the world, during its Longitudinal World Cruise III. This trip, spanning 70 days, will head out in September 2023 from Milwaukee, and finish up in Ushuaia, Argentina.

In other news, the Viking Polaris will embark on the Longitudinal World Cruise II, a 71-day expedition from Duluth, Minnesota to Ushuaia, in September 2023. 

Furthermore, Viking Polaris will also set sail on the Longitudinal World Cruise IV (a 62-day voyage from Milwaukee to Ushuaia) in October 2024. A 65-day reverse voyage, from Buenos Aires to Milwaukee, is set to commence in February 2024 as well.

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