Two Cruise Ships Meet in Antarctica for the First Time

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Seabourn celebrated a historical moment as Seabourn Pursuit and Seabourn Venture, two of its new expedition ships, met for the first time in the stunning and remote setting of Antarctica. The unique encounter occurred at the entrance to Neko Harbor, a location famous for its breathtaking icescapes.

Seabourn Pursuit has only recently embarked on its maiden season in Antarctica, while Seabourn Venture is already on her second season of sailing in the White Continent.

Maiden Voyager Meets Seasoned Explorer

Carnival’s ultra-luxury cruise brand arranged a special meeting of its two expedition cruise ships, Seabourn Pursuit and Seabourn Venture, in Antarctica on November 22. 

The meeting of these two vessels was set in one of the most picturesque areas in Antarctica– Neko Harbour on the Antarctica Peninsula, an area of outstanding natural beauty surrounded by calving glaciers and porpoising penguins. 

Seabourn Pursuit, sailing on its maiden season in the Antarctic waters, was welcomed by its sister ship, Seabourn Venture, which is no stranger to the icy continent, now in its second season there.

Guests and crew from both ships joined in a celebratory toast on deck, marking this occasion with caviar and champagne, all while surrounded by the majestic Antarctic landscape.

Two Seabourn Ships Meet in Antarctica
Two Seabourn Ships Meet in Antarctica

“It was a very exciting day, and we could not think of a better way to commemorate our first trip to Antarctica than meeting up with our sister ship, Seabourn Venture,” said Stig Betten, captain of Seabourn Pursuit. “Many close friends and colleagues from each ship cheered and toasted to each other as we embarked on our expeditions to Antarctica, marking a new era in ultra-luxury expeditions.”

Captain Jeroen Schuchmann of Seabourn Venture shared his enthusiasm, noting the special ‘Seabourn Moment’:

“It was an incredible ‘Seabourn Moment’ for our Seabourn Venture guests and crew as we welcomed Seabourn Pursuit to Antarctica for her first season.” 

“Seeing our two ships sail side by side at the start of our Antarctica season solidifies the fact that we at Seabourn are able to introduce so many more individuals to breathtaking, remote destinations that few will ever visit,” Schuchmann said.

Redefining Luxury Expedition Travel

Seabourn Cruise Line’s luxury expedition ships have set the bar incredibly high for expedition cruise ships. In a market that until recently was known for older ships and ‘roughing’ it on cruises down south, Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit offer guests an ultra-luxury experience. 

Natalya Leahy, president of Seabourn: “Watching our two-purpose built ultra-luxury expedition ships, Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit, next to each other today, and watching our guests raising champagne to each other with a breathtaking backdrop of Neko Harbor made me so proud.” 

Seabourn Pursuit Cruise Ship
Seabourn Pursuit Cruise Ship

Seabourn Pursuit and Seabourn Venture are marvels of technology and design. Built to PC6 Polar Class standards, the ships are equipped to navigate diverse and remote environments. Besides eight restaurants serving gourmet cuisine and all-suite accommodations, both ships have much more to offer.

The ships offer nearly 30,000 square feet of deck space, advanced hardware, and technology, including a 4K GSS Cineflex Camera capable of capturing images of objects many miles away, a submarine, and a fleet of zodiacs with which guests can explore the furthest regions of our planet. 

Furthermore, the vessels are equipped with SpaceX’s Starlink, ensuring guests stay connected even in the most remote locations.

Seabourn Pursuit and Seabourn Venture both offer 11- to 13-day cruises, as well as longer 21-day expeditions, to the Falkland Islands, the remote island of South Georgia, home to massive penguin colonies and thousands of fur seals, and the Antarctic Peninsula.

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