Tropical Storm Dorian Heading Towards Eastern Caribbean Cruise Ports

Tropical Storm Dorian has formed in the Atlantic Ocean and is heading towards the Eastern Caribbean including several cruise ports.

Tropical Storm Dorian Could Impact Cruises

We’re always here to keep readers updated on the latest weather developments impacting the cruise industry and Hurricane Season is now in full swing. Tropical Storm Dorian has formed and is a concern to Eastern Caribbean cruise itineraries.

The storm which is gaining strength and currently located 465 miles east of Barbados is moving west at 14 MPH according to the National Hurricane Center (NOAA). Below you can see the latest graphic track from Sunday.

Tropical Storm Dorian
Image: NOAA

There is no doubt that it will hit the Eastern Caribbean and could impact the cruise destinations of Barbados, St. Lucia and Antigua. As the storm moves across the region it could also affect the US Virgin Islands and even Puerto Rico.

Royal Caribbean has become the first cruise line to be impacted by the storm. One of its cruise ships is changing her itinerary, here are the details.

One of the largest cruise lines operating in the Caribbean is Miami-based Carnival Cruise Line. Here is a statement from the cruise line as they closely monitor developments:

“In conjunction with our Fleet Operations Center in Miami, we have been monitoring Tropical Storm Dorian in the Atlantic. Since the safety of our guests and crew is our number one priority, we will remain a safe distance from the system at all times. We will continue to keep a close eye on the weather and provide you with timely updates should any changes to our itinerary become necessary.”

It really does depend on how Dorian changes track over the coming days. It is important to note that Dorian could likely become a category 1 hurricane on Wednesday and by the time it reaches the Caribbean will be a powerful Tropical Storm.

At the moment NOAA is saying Tropical Storm Dorian has maximum sustained winds of 40 MPH and could reach 75 MPH as it approaches further towards the island of Puerto Rico. The good news is Dorian is now expected to weaken starting from Thursday and become a Tropical Depression.

If this track stays the same we are expecting several cruise itinerary changes as there are many cruise ports in the affected and surrounded areas of the track. We recommend you to keep checking for official updates from the cruise line closer to the time.

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Cruise lines will keep their ships safe and away from any potential Hurricanes. Often ports can be shuffled around or even an Eastern Caribbean itinerary could be altered to the Western Caribbean.


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