Tropical Storm Cristobal Heads Towards Port of New Orleans

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Tropical Storm Cristobal is heading towards the popular Port of New Orleans and Coast Guard reminds citizens to prepare.

Port of New Orleans in the Path of Tropical Storm Cristobal

Tropical Storm Cristobal has become a concern as it heads towards the United States Gulf Coast with the track at the moment showing it will be close to the Port of New Orleans.

When we usually post about Tropical Storm and Hurricanes it’s because they are a threat for cruise ships but in this case that is not so as cruise lines have pause operations due to the global pandemic. However, the Port of New Orleans is a major cruise port for the industry as is among the busiest in the United States.

According to our cruise ship tracker, there are no major cruise ships currently docked in New Orleans or even anchored off the Louisiana coast. Its likely vessels are now keeping away which is much easier while there are no cruise operations. In recent weeks the port has been used for vessels to take on supplies and ships have been anchored off the coast.

The U.S. Coast Guard has reminded citizens to prepare for the storm. The port is monitoring the storm’s developments and making preparations for heavy rainfall and winds overnight on Sunday and into Monday.

Tropical Storm Cristobal
Image Via: National Hurricane Center (NOAA)

Cristobal has been hovering in the southern Gulf and is impacting Mexico’s Quintana Roo and Yucatan which includes the popular cruise destination of Cozumel where there are tropical storm watches in place.

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According to the National Hurricane Center (NOAA), the tropical storm is moving north at 13 MPH and will move over the central Gulf of Mexico on Saturday. The storm is expected to reach near the mouth of the Mississippi River on Sunday afternoon. The storm currently has maximum sustained winds of 40 MPH and will cause heavy rainfall and storm surge.

Tropical Storm Cristobal

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Tropical Storm Cristobal
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