Top 7 Things To Leave At Home When You Cruise

7 things you should be leaving at home when you cruise. The cruise ship will be able to cover many things, check these tips.

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Some travelers can find the packing process somewhat stressful. Rummaging through your closets and wardrobes to find that extra charger or that favorite pair of sunglasses you got in Spain.

This isn’t even considering what you may actually do without, and leave at home. For cruising-newbies, you may be surprised at how much is actually provided to you by the cruise line. Thus, here are my top seven items to leave at home when you cruise.

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1. Shampoo and Hairdryer

The majority of cruise ships supply guests with multiple toiletry items in your cabins. This includes shampoo, body wash and sometimes even deodorant in some cases. The general rule goes that the more expensive the cruise, the posher the smellies. In duality, a hairdryer will also be provided to ensure you look as glamorous as possible at your evening dinners.

You can actually purchase a travel hair dryer from Amazon, here are some good choices.

2. Iron

Speaking of evening dinners, if you’re like me, you’ll want to keep your shirts dresses as crease-free as possible. Nonetheless, if you bring an iron or any other heating electrical appliance in your suitcase; it will be confiscated. This will then be returned to you at the end of your voyage. Don’t fear-there is another option. Onboard most cruise ships, you will find a laundrette in case you really need to smooth things out.

There a collection of Travel Irons from Amazon here.

Cruise Ship Suitcase

3. Alcohol

As tempting as it may be to smuggle a small bottle of scotch into your cabin, there is no way you’ll be able to. Some cruise lines such as P&O Cruises do allow you to bring a bottle of wine onboard per person.

However, if you purchase any alcohol at a port of call, this will be kept for the duration of your cruise and not returned until disembarkation. Additionally, it is also wise to consider airport customs if you are taking a fly-cruise. The last possible way you want to end your cruise is getting into trouble with customs.

Can’t believe this but Amazon actually sells items to help you sneak Alcohol on the cruise.

4. Beach Towel

Catastrophe strikes when you’re soaking up the sun on an exotic beach, you glide out of the sea and you have a revelation. You forgot a towel. This feeling can be all too familiar for many travellers. This need never be a concern on a cruise, as on all cruise ships towels are provided for both excursions and pool use to keep you cosy. How much packing space can that save you?

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5. Knives

Although really this one shouldn’t require any elaboration, I shall do so anyway. Despite the simplicity of knowing not to bring a knife onboard a cruise ship, every year many still have to be confiscated. Yet what passengers don’t realise is this can be from nail scissors to Swiss Army knives. I must admit, this one rather baffles me. What could you possibly need a knife for? Note to self, the barman will open your wine bottle for you! I shan’t even go into explaining guns.

6. Food

Let this be no joke, if you can’t find enough food to eat on offer on a cruise ship, you have serious eye-sight issues. With many cruise ships having twenty-four-hour available buffets, you can eat at absolutely any time of the day or night. Upon reflection, I actually remember heading to the buffet at 4:00 am on my first cruise holiday on the MSC Splendida.

Additionally, bringing cuisine from your own country spoils the whole experience of taking a cruise. This is because a cruise is designed to allow you to try elements (such as cuisine) from as many different cultures as possible.

7. The Dog

My heart weeps on this element, as I have my very own black Labrador. He’s called Bertie! Always on my travels, I am left with a sense of guilt leaving my beloved at home. Although, I do put him in a 5* luxury dog hotel, so he doesn’t really care. Unfortunately, cruise ships do not allow animals onboard. Nonetheless, service dogs such as guide dogs are allowed on most cruise lines.

Despite me stating that cruise ships do not allow animals onboard, there is one cruise ship that does. And I mean one! The Queen Mary 2 actually transports dogs onboard in their own private kennels. Thus, your pets can enjoy being pampered at sea as well.

We've put together items you don;t need to pack for your cruise vacation.
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