Top 4 Water Adventures to Try in the Bahamas During a Cruise

When one thinks of the Bahamas as a cruise destination, one can’t help but imagine lazy afternoons drinking cocktails on the beach, lively night parties, and fun strolls around picturesque villages.

It’s definitely a beach lover’s paradise. But more than being the in-demand port of call for sun-starved cruisers, the Bahamas is also an ‘it’ place for more adventurous souls.

So if you’re headed to this side of the planet, make sure your Bahamas shore excursions include these exciting water adventures you simply cannot miss out on:

Scuba Diving in Nassau

If you’re already in love with what you see onshore, wait ‘til you see the underwater world in The Bahamas – it will take your breath away.

The clear waters beckon you to explore what lies beneath the pristine sands of the islands. Coral walls, colorful ocean caverns, and even exquisite wrecks will make your trip a truly unforgettable one.

Traveling on a Carnival cruise? You can avail of a scuba diving adventure with this Carnival shore excursion. It lets you wander through 40-80 feet underwater, with the right gear and a guide/divemaster.

The first part would be reef exploration, where you’ll be awed by the beauty of the ocean’s ‘garden’. Get to witness marine life at its finest in this area of the Bahamas – everything from fishes, to turtles, and even sharks swimming peacefully in a place they call home. You then get to see historical wrecks that bring a different dimension of the Bahamas underwaters to the forefront.

But, if you’re not a certified diver, you may want to consider this Carnival shore excursion instead – it’s called a Snuba Adventure! It’s a cross between snorkeling and scuba diving – no certifications required, and you still get to experience the magic of Nassau’s coral reefs.

Royal Caribbean also offers a scuba diving shore excursion in Nassau.

Sailing and Snorkeling

The deep waters of the Bahamas are abundant with amazing sights – but what you see just below the surface is just as outstanding!

If you’re not into diving but would love to see the wonderful ocean kingdom just as much, then this is the adventure for you. The Royal Caribbean cruise line offers a sailing and snorkeling shore excursion that lets you glide smoothly to an ocean adventure to remember!

You start off with a sailing trip complete with refreshing drinks and a scenic tour. This is the best chance to just chill and enjoy the ocean breeze on your skin, or to socialize with other travelers.


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Photo By: Dave Herholz (Creative Commons 2.0)

You will then be taken to either Spruce Cay or Athol Island, both equally mesmerizing, uninhabited islands, with bright and vivid reefs. The minimum age for this excursion is five years old, so this is definitely one that the entire family can take part in!


This is the perfect water adventure for those who want a more relaxed introduction to discovering the underwater world in the Bahamas.

Wave running at Great Stirrup Cay

Now you don’t really have to ‘swim’ to make the most of your grand water adventure on the Bahamas!

The Norwegian Cruise Line offers a shore excursion that lets you board a state-of-the-art watercraft called a Wave Runner. The experience combines the excitement of speed and sights, as you ‘run’ across the Atlantic.

This is a guided tour, so you do get to revel in the beautiful stops around the island – like Slaughter Harbor and Cistern Cay. Feeling a little competitive? Strike a fun race with fellow WaveRunners!

The tour only takes an hour and a half, so you still get to make the most of your day – and get to try other water adventures too!

Check all these stunning beaches in Nassau which you can enjoy!


You really just want to see the spellbinding waters of the Bahamas – and by waters, you mean both the ocean, and the inland creeks and streams.

If that’s the case, then kayaking is a must on your water adventures list in the Bahamas! Carnival offers a shore excursion that gives you an exhilarating 6-hour trip that includes paddling across the picturesque waters of the Lucayan National Park in Freeport Bahamas in a kayak.

Take in the serene view of mangrove forests, and be in awe of the thriving flora and fauna in the area. The National Park is a 40-acre home to various species of plants and animals, and one of the most extraordinary, longest underwater cave systems in the world.

Complete your cruise to The Bahamas with this shore excursion, and get to witness all the natural beauty with a short nature walk, and a bit of Tom Sawyer-rafting too! This adventure suits travelers from ages six and up, and gives you an interesting view of the Bahamas apart from its inviting, crystal-clear beaches.

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So, which shore excursion to do you plan to sign up for on your cruise to The Bahamas? Make sure the four above are on your list of musts!

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