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Three Ways to Dine Like A Boss On a Carnival Cruise

Time to take control when it comes to dining on a Carnival cruise. Here are 3 dining tips to help you out including food and drink.

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Carnival Cruises of old is known for its lavish and fun parties onboard. For decades, the cruise line has been famous for its festive atmosphere matched by superb entertainment options but how about dining on a Carnival Cruise?

And ever the innovator, Carnival Cruises was also one of the earliest to enhance one of the crucial aspects of this kind of sea travel – dining. Carnival offers an amazingly wide variety of cuisine on its ships and makes sure that each and every restaurant and dining concept offers something truly unique and satisfying.

Dining on a Carnival Cruise

With that mouth-watering selection to look forward to, how exactly will you be able to make the most of Carnival dining? Here are three must-know tips on how to dine like a boss on your Carnival cruise:

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Don’t Underestimate the Taste Bar’s Power!

The Carnival’s Taste Bar selection is included in your Carnival Cruise cost, so trying out this dining venue during your trip is definitely a must on your to-do list. The Taste Bar was first introduced in 2012, and is now available fleetwide. It offers complimentary, appetizer-sized servings of various dishes that are available in the different restaurants onboard.

Selections are on rotation – which means you’ll get to sample the newest and the best offerings on the ship without having to pay extra!

The serving size may be small – but the fact that you can always go back for seconds (or thirds, or fourths…) during the time the Bar is open means you can get your literal fill of the yummy offerings. The Taste Bar also gives you (free!) tasty snack options for when you’re getting ready for dinner, and the possible long lines at your preferred restaurant.

Get the Cheers! Drinks Package

Now that you know how to snack like a boss on your Carnival Cruise, it’s time to note how you can ‘drink the journey away’ – and that’s with a Cheers! Package/beverage program.

Take a look at our article on the Carnival Cruise Line CHEERS program.

This package is available for passengers 21 years old and up, and can be purchased in advance (lower price!) or purchased onboard, on a per person, per day basis. You only have to settle a flat rate, and get to enjoy the amazing variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available on the cruise – no need to worry about the tab each time too!

The package includes cocktails, cognacs, milkshakes, specialty coffee, coconut water, and more! There’s more about the inclusions and exclusions, as well as rules on availing the package on the Carnival Cruise site.

Enjoy Carnival’s Chef’s Table Experience

Three Ways to Dine Like A Boss On a Carnival Cruise
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There are plenty of restaurants on a Carnival Cruise ship that are worthy of a visit (and worth paying extra for!) But, there’s truly nothing like the Chef’s Table – it takes indulgence to a whole new level.

Chef’s Table gives passengers a fine dining option that pairs gourmet dishes with a culinary experience that includes touring the ship’s kitchen, meeting the amazing executive chefs, and even an instant cooking lesson!

The one-of-a-kind intimate dining experience you get via the Chef’s Table allows you to enjoy seven delectable courses paired with some amazing wine. It’s a great way to either bond with your group or meet new people too, since space is limited to just 12-16 guests.

Slots fill up fast so make sure to sign up on your first day or make arrangements prior to boarding. You definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on this one!

If you’re interested in dining on Carnival Cruise Line then you’ll enjoy these free options.

Your journey on a Carnival Cruise ship promises days and nights of all-out fun – and it holds the same exciting potential for your appetite.! Other note-worthy restaurants onboard include JiJi Asian Kitchen, Steakhouse, and Bonsai Sushi – it’s a true foodie haven!

Dining on a Carnival Cruise

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Dining on a Carnival Cruise
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