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Cruise News Carnival Cruise Line Thousands of Guests on Carnival Cruise Line Enjoyed the Total Eclipse

Thousands of Guests on Carnival Cruise Line Enjoyed the Total Eclipse

Carnival Cruise Line hosted Total Eclipse parties and events across the fleet with a huge success.

Thousands of Carnival Cruise Line guests joined the rest of North America on August 21 to watch the epic Total Eclipse which occurred at around 2 PM local time. The cruise line offered around 20,000 special sun glasses to protect guests eyes when watching the Sun and Moon alignment. Passengers watched the event up on the open deck of ships across the region.

It wouldn’t be Carnival without a Total Eclipse party! The cruise line hosted viewing and sail away parties complete with appropriate music, games and more to a Sun Dance Competition with participants vying to “bring out the sun” on deck.   Aptly, Blue Moon beer specials were available, as well.

Other major cruise lines also got in on the historic events, Oasis of the Seas operated by Royal Caribbean had a huge event on board for the Total Eclipse and Princess Cruises also got in to capture the special moment.

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