Cruise News MSC Cruises This Passenger Is Not Happy With MSC Orchestra's Bedding

This Passenger Is Not Happy With MSC Orchestra’s Bedding

A female passenger onboard the MSC orchestra has posted a video on YouTube showing her old stateroom bedding.

It’s not clear when the cruise was but we do know it’s a recent voyage in 2015. The British passenger is angry with MSC for having old bedding. The woman posted “these are the RIPPED THREADBARE bed linens and LUMPY HORRENDOUS PILLOWS on the MSC ORCHESTRA!!! They should be ASHAMED! I also have other videos of this ship!”

As you can see from watching the footage she asked for 2 more pillows which do look lumpy and not sure if they would be that comfortable! The bed cover stitching seems to be all ripped and hanging off too. She also mentions that everything is stained and she first cruised on the vessel when it was brand new. This time around she is not happy.

The MSC Orchestra is operated by MSC Cruises and is an 89,600 gross ton cruise ship. The vessel is currently sailing cruises from Kiel, Germany and calling at popular north European destinations. So would you enjoy sleeping on this bedding? Let us know in the comments below.


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