Cruise Tips Staying Safe This Is What A Cruise Ship Sailing In Bad Weather Looks Like

This Is What A Cruise Ship Sailing In Bad Weather Looks Like

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Bad weather is a constant threat to a cruise itinerary and the safety of guests and crew. Even though ships are affected by bad weather conditions at times the captain will always try and sail around or away from the action. We’ve seen plenty of photos of ships being battered at sea along with videos from balconies and onboard. There are not many videos of the entire cruise ships being caught in bad weather. If you want to know what it looks like then take a look below.

Watch P&O Oceania In Bad Weather:

The footage above is of the P&O Oceana back in 2012. The vessel was sailing in the Bay of Biscay at the time just off the west coast of France when it was caught in bad sea conditions. The good news, cruise ships these days have modern technology which can help them navigate through rough weather. Ships also have stabilizers on starboard and port side to help with the sailing stability.

The same ship can be seen below but not zoomed in. In the footage, you can see more of the surrounding sea as the ship goes up and down in the strong waves. The weather really doesn’t look good with rain and high winds but remember that cruise lines do alter itineraries to keep guests safe and away from any threat. You can also read one of our previous article on what happens when the ship is in bad weather.

Stay safe everyone and don’t let any bad weather stop you from booking a cruise, remember it’s very rare to be sailing in very bad weather such as a Hurricane and Tropical Storm. The highly trained staff will always make sure guests and crew are safe during the voyage.

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