Royal Caribbean’s Spectrum of the Seas: Venues and Overview

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In 2019, Royal Caribbean’s Spectrum of the Seas took the cruise line’s Quantum class — with ships already known for their size and plenty of modern and luxurious amenities — to an entirely new level.

Today, as the first Quantum Ultra-class ship, the vessel is still young by cruise ship standards, and still beloved by cruisers, even if it’s no longer the biggest, newest and flashiest cruise ship on the high seas.

Thinking of taking a Spectrum of the Seas cruise in the near future? Here’s everything you need to know about this Quantum Ultra-class ship and all it can offer you, no matter what itinerary you choose.

Spectrum of the Seas Stats

While Spectrum of the Seas was never the largest ship in the world or even the largest ship in Royal Caribbean’s fleetSpectrum of the Seas is still pretty big and, when it launched, it took the spot as the fifth-largest ship among the cruise line’s vessels.

Even today, it’s still in Royal Caribbean’s top 10 largest cruise ships, despite the addition of ground-breaking Royal Caribbean ships such as the new Icon class. Additionally, Spectrum of the Seas was the largest cruise ship in Asia, up until 2024.

So how does Spectrum of the Seas measure up?

  • Gross tonnage: 169,379
  • Length: 1,139 feet
  • Decks: 18, with 16 accessible to passengers
  • Maximum capacity: 4,905
  • Capacity at double occupancy: 4,246
  • Total guest rooms: 2,137

And if you’re having a difficult time understanding just how large that is, the cruise line reports that 56 billion lychee could fit into the ship, and that the ship is nine times wider than the Great Wall of China. It’s also 28 times longer than a whale shark. 

Spectrum of the Seas Construction

Spectrum of the Seas was the very first Quantum Ultra-class cruise ship, announced in August 2017, and designers knew from the very start that the cruise ship would need to go above and beyond cruisers’ expectations.

This ship was specifically designed to serve the Asia-Pacific region and market. Construction began in August 2017 and the ship was delivered in early 2019.

Spectrum of the Seas at Meyer Werft Shipyard
Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

The ship’s christening ceremony took place in China later that year, after the ship sailed from the shipyard in Germany to Spain, and then on to Asia. The ship was christened by Chinese actors Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy, on June 3, 2019.

Spectrum of the Seas was designed to offer a range of new features that had never been seen at sea before, and it has won several awards and set multiple records during its cruises. For example, in late 2019, Spectrum of the Seas was the largest cruise ship to ever visit a Russian port.

During a September sailing, Spectrum of the Seas traveled to Vladivostok, Russia, sailing under the famous Russky bridge. The ship then took Russian passengers from Vladivostok on to a seven-night cruise through Japan and China.

Spectrum of the Seas Conveyance
Photo Credit: Meyer Werft

As the first Quantum Ultra-class ship, Spectrum of the Seas was followed by Odyssey of the Seas, which was anticipated to launch the next year, but which was curtailed by the Covid-19 pandemic, and ended up debuting in 2021. 


As a relatively new ship, Spectrum of the Seas has yet to undergo any real, expansive refurbishments. In March 2024, the ship entered dry dock for three weeks for its typical five-year refresh, at Seatrium Shipyard in Tuas, Singapore.

Spectrum of the Seas in Singapore
Photo Credit: Pro Aerial Master / Shutterstock

One noticeable change, however, is that the SkyPad bungee ride is no longer in use, and much of the feature located at the aft of the vessel has been removed. The sphere structure still remains, and it is being used for other onboard activities.

Spectrum of the Seas Staterooms

There is an extensive number of different cabin types aboard Spectrum of the Seas, including…

  • Interior cabins
  • Accessible interior cabins
  • Promenade view interior cabins
  • Central park view interior cabins
  • Ocean view cabins
  • Spacious ocean view cabins
  • Spacious ocean view cabins with balconies 

Across all of these cabin categories, you can find a total of 1,487 cabins with balconies and a total of 142 cabins with ocean views only. As the ship is still quite new, its interior staterooms aren’t some musty, cramped hideaway like what you might see on other, older cruise ships.

Spectrum of the Seas Balcony Stateroom
Spectrum of the Seas Balcony Stateroom

Instead, these interior staterooms are open and airy, many with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking interior views, like the ship’s Central Park neighborhood, or the ship’s esplanade, and they’re designed and decorated like a guest room in an upscale hotel. 

Ocean view and balcony staterooms are much the same, only with increased floor space, making them suitable for traveling families and comfortable for spending an afternoon or evening in, if you find that you need a bit of quiet time during your cruise. 

Spectrum of the Seas Suites

If you want a little upgrade, you’ll have plenty of suite options on Spectrum of the Seas as well. There are 142 suites on the ship. Options include:

  • Royal suites
  • Grand suites
  • The owner’s suite
  • The aqua theater suite
  • The Ultimate Family Suite 

Suite guests enjoy exclusive amenities, such as private elevator access, a private restaurant and cafe — and that’s because the first exclusive, suites-only area aboard a Royal Caribbean ship debuted on Spectrum of the Seas

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This suites-only area is located at the forward end of decks 13 through 16 and includes Golden and Silver suite accommodations. Guests enjoy special keycard access, and not just that private elevator and their own restaurant, but also a lounge and private social deck for sunning and kicking back with a drink. They also enjoy their own shopping outlet, The Boutique, where these VIPs can book private shopping experiences. 

Spectrum of the Seas Ultimate Family Suite
Spectrum of the Seas Ultimate Family Suite

One of the newer additions to the suite options, when the cruise ship debuted, was the Ultimate Family Suite, which includes three bedrooms, a master bedroom with a bathroom, amazing ocean views, a dedicated kid space with its own in-suite slide to the living room and a recreation room with karaoke and video games.

The suite is available on a limited basis, and can only be found on Spectrum of the Seas, Wonder of the Seas and Symphony of the Seas

Free Dining

There’s more than a dozen dining options across Spectrum of the Seas, so you’re sure to find something to tempt your appetite during your cruise. Free dining options include:

Spectrum of the Seas Dining Room
Spectrum of the Seas Dining Room (Photo Credit: I Love Drones)
  • The main dining room, for multi-course meals, three times a day
  • Windjammer Café, the classic buffet
  • The Café at Two70, a grab-and-go casual spot
  • Splashaway Café, another casual eatery with a kid-friendly vibe
  • The Dog House, for — what else? — hot dogs
  • Sorrento’s, a Royal Caribbean favorite brand, for authentic pizza pies

You can also get room service, for just a small fee. Fun fact? The buffet on this ship is 20% larger than it is on Quantum-class ships, for even more options! 

Specialty Restaurants

If you decide to splurge, though, you’ll have even more options for unique dining experiences aboard this ship. Find below all the options:

Spectrum of the Seas' Wonderland
Spectrum of the Seas’ Wonderland (Photo Credit: I Love Drones)
  • Wonderland, a fine dining experience focused on futuristic cuisine
  • Jamie’s Italian, an Italian eatery from celebrity chef Jamie Oliver
  • Chops Grille, Royal Caribbean’s signature steakhouse
  • Sichuan Red, a restaurant exclusive to this ship 
  • Izumi, for authentic Asian cuisine
  • Teppanyaki, for dining as a group as a chef prepares your teppanyaki-style eats, right in front of you
  • Leaf & Bean, a coffee and tea shop
  • La Patisserie, a colorful café for sweet treats

You can also enjoy hot pot-style dining on select cruises. 

Bars and Lounges

There are so many different watering holes on the Spectrum of the Seas cruise ship, it’s just a given that, however you prefer to get your drink on, you can do so here. Options include:

Vintages Bar on Spectrum of the Seas
Vintages Bar on Spectrum of the Seas (Photo Credit: EnthusiasticPhotographers)
  • Schooner Bar, a Royal Caribbean classic, with live music
  • Bionic Bar, where the bar-tending robots take center stage
  • Vintage Wine Bar, for your favorite vino
  • Two70 Bar, a neon-lit cocktail bar
  • North Star Bar, for spectacular views
  • Sunshine Bar, serving both cocktails and juices

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There are also bars at the pool. 

Activities and Entertainment

There’s no shortage of ways to have a great time when you’re on Spectrum of the Seas. In addition to enjoying all the pools and loungers on the open, here’s how to fill your sea days.

Spectrum of the Seas Open Deck, Main Pool Area
Spectrum of the Seas Open Deck, Main Pool Area (Photo Credit: EnthusiasticPhotographers)

The Promenade

On Spectrum of the Seas and other Quantum-class ships, the normal Royal Promenade has been replaced by a walkway that’s known as the Royal Esplanade.

Royal Promenade on Spectrum of the Seas
Royal Promenade on Spectrum of the Seas (Photo Credit: EnthusiasticPhotographers)

Stretching the height of two decks, this interior space is meant to mimic a city street (much like the original Royal Promenade) and offers access to shopping, entertainment, bars and restaurants. It’s a hub of activity and the place to go for people watching and finding something fun to do when you’re just not sure what it is you want to do.  

The SeaPlex

The SeaPlex is the largest indoor sports and entertainment complex at sea, with attractions such as roller skating and bumper cars.

SeaPlex Venue
SeaPlex Venue (Photo Credit: I Love Drones)

It offers lots of family-friendly games and activities as well, and sports courts, like a basketball and volleyball court. (Do note that not all activities in the SeaPlex are free, though; some come with an additional charge.) 

The North Star

The North Star, a glass capsule providing ocean views from 300 feet, was like nothing else in cruising when it was first unveiled. In fact, it’s so unique that the concept has even won a Guinness World Record, for the tallest viewing deck on a cruise ship.

North Star
North Star (Photo Credit: EnthusiasticPhotographers)

Think of the North Star as a little pod that takes you up and over the ship for all-around views from a totally one-of-a-kind vantage point. (Do note that technically, this is considered a ride, so there are weight and height restrictions.)


Want to get some adrenaline pumping? You have activity options beyond what you can find in the SeaPlex. There’s the RipCord by iFly skydiving simulator.

Open Deck Aft, With FlowRider and Sky Diving
Open Deck Aft, With FlowRider and Sky Diving (Photo Credit: Pro Aerial Master)

Then, there’s the FlowRider surfing simulator. There’s a rock climbing wall and an arcade, too. As mentioned, the Sky Pad is being removed from the ship. 


Two70 is one of the primary entertainment venues aboard Spectrum of the Seas. It features 270-degree panoramic windows (hence the name of the venue) and is all about merging tech and talent for an unparalleled experience for cruisers.

Two70 Venue
Two70 Venue (Photo Credit: I Love Drones)

The venue transforms its 270-degree panoramic windows into a projection surface on which it can project amazing digital art. In front of it all are six “roboscreens” that work in tandem with live performers, to offer visuals, music and special effects. 

Of course, Spectrum of the Seas also has a more traditional main theater, with two shows that seat 1,300 guests each. 

Kids Venues

If you’re worried about your kids having enough to do and enjoy while on your cruise, that’s one worry you definitely won’t have aboard Spectrum of the Seas. Here, kids have tons of spaces all dedicated to their fun, with excellent staff to watch over your little one, so the kids in your family can have an awesome time while you have an awesome time elsewhere.

Splashaway Bay
Splashaway Bay

Kids programming is available for all ages, from infants up to teenagers, and the programming really varies, offering not only fun, but education as well. The Adventure Science Lab for Kids offers STEAM-based activities and science experiments. The Imagination Studio allows kids to craft to their hearts’ content.

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The Adventure Ocean Theater is a place where they sing, dance, and act all day, every day. And for the kid who wants just to relax and hang out, there are plenty of options for them, too. 

While your children are being entertained, you can head off to the adults-only Solarium for some kid-free action around the pool or bar. And, there’s the popular Splashaway Bay, with slides, where kids can enjoy the open deck.

Spectrum of the Seas Itineraries 

Just as it has since its debut, Spectrum of the Seas currently serves cruisers out of China and other Asian destinations, visiting ports in locations such as Shanghai, Okinawa, Hong Kong, Nagasaki and Fukuoka, with sailings trending on the shorter side.

Spectrum of the Seas FAQ:

Is Spectrum of the Seas bigger than Symphony of the Seas?

Spectrum of the Seas boasts a gross tonnage of 169,379 GT; a length of 1,139 feet; and 18 separate decks, with 16 accessible to passengers. At maximum capacity, the ship holds 4,905 passengers, but on a normal sailing with double occupancy, it holds 4,246 passengers.

Symphony of the Seas, meanwhile, comes in with a gross tonnage of 228,081 GT; a length of 1,184 feet; and 18 decks. At maximum capacity, the ship holds 6,680 passengers, though it normally holds 5,518 passengers at double occupancy, along with 2,200 crew members.

So, while Spectrum of the Seas is the fifth-largest ship in Royal Caribbean’s fleet, Symphony of the Seas is the largest and — in fact — Symphony of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world currently.

What class cruise ship is Royal Caribbean’s Spectrum of the Seas?

Spectrum of the Seas is a Quantum Ultra-class ship, a subset of the Quantum class, providing a heightened experience and new features that are not available on Quantum-class ships.

There is one other Quantum Ultra-class ship, Odyssey of the Seas, which is scheduled to enter service in late 2020. Quantum-class cruise ships include Ovation of the Seas, Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas.

How many swimming pools are on Spectrum of the Seas?

Spectrum of the Seas offers four different swimming pools, one with a retractable roof cover, and 10 jacuzzis.

What cabin types are on Spectrum of the Seas?

There is an extensive number of different cabin types aboard Spectrum of the Seas, including interior cabins, accessible interior cabins, promenade view interior cabins, central park view interior cabins, ocean view cabins, spacious ocean view cabins, spacious ocean view cabins with balconies, royal suites, grand suites, the owner’s suite and the aqua theater suite. VIP suite guests enjoy special amenities, such as private elevator access, a private restaurant and cafe and private social deck.

One of the newest additions to the stateroom options is the Ultimate Family Suite, which includes three bedrooms, a master bedroom with a bathroom, amazing ocean views, a dedicated kid space with its own slide to the living room and a recreation room with karaoke and video games.

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