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12 Things to Do on a Celebrity Edge Cruise

Are you ready to travel on Celebrity Cruises most advanced cruise ship? We've got all the things to do on a Celebrity Edge cruise and more!

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Celebrity Edge is one of the most highly-anticipated cruise ships on the ocean today. Just recently launched by iconic godmother Malala Yousafzai, the ship took its inaugural voyage in December.

This year, it’s alternating seven-night eastern and western Caribbean itineraries and then will switch to Mediterranean sailings, for seven- and 11-night itineraries that take travelers to Spain, Italy and other desirable spots.

So what makes a Celebrity Edge cruise so special? Why should you care about this cruise ship in particular? There are actually quite a few reasons.

The Celebrity Edge ship took nearly six years of planning and construction in order to bring some of the best of the best cruising experiences to the industry.

Called the “most anticipated cruise ship of the year,” it sits at just over a thousand feet, with 14 guest decks, a total occupancy of nearly 3,000 and a crew of just over a thousand.

There are nearly 1,500 staterooms and just over 80 percent of those staterooms feature a veranda, while one-tenth enjoy an ocean view.

Each of the staterooms and suites available are absolutely luxurious, but that’s not anything out of the ordinary for the Celebrity Edge. Just about every experience that you’ll discover on a Celebrity Edge cruise is luxurious in its own right.

Celebrity also boasts that the Celebrity Edge is “a ship designed to leave the future behind.” Designed in 3-D, it features lots of technologically advanced and never-before-seen design features, such as the new Magic Carpet, private plunge pools, two-story Edge Villas and more. It’s, all in all, one of the most sophisticated ships at sea.

Does it sound like a Celebrity Edge cruise is just the type of luxurious cruising experience you’re looking for? If so, start planning.

We’re here to help with the 12 things you absolutely have to do on a Celebrity Edge cruise. From kicking back with a drink in one-of-a-kind, artistically-designed spaces to dancing the night away in futuristic clubs, you’ll want to make sure these items and activities get on your itinerary.

1. Relax to the Extreme in the Spa

No Celebrity Edge cruise is complete without a trip to the spa. This state-of-the-art spa is truly one of a kind. You won’t find anything else like it at sea.

The spa is set on 22,000 square feet and features designs that are true to the brand’s luxury and sophistication. Different from some of the other Celebrity spas you might’ve seen in the past, this one boasts a new neutral palette and a calm design inspired by healing crystals.

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The entire concept is called “SEA” or Sea, Earth and Air. Blended essences fill the air, creating a soothing environment as soon as you arrive.

The welcome ritual prepares you for the experiences to come, so that you can truly enjoy each and every moment. A new spa menu features more than 120 treatments, including massages, wraps and more.

Spa Lobby - Deck 14 Forward PortsideCelebrity EDGE - Celebrity Cruises
Spa Lobby – Deck 14 Forward Portside
Celebrity EDGE – Celebrity Cruises (Photo By: Celebrity Cruises)

Celebrity is the first cruise line to offer a thermal suite, with a hammam, salt room, steam room, rainfall water therapy room, float room, heated tile loungers and crystalarium, among others. If you’re in AquaClass, you automatically get access to these.

Other firsts at sea include ELEMIS BIOTEC facials, an amphibia table with water-filled cushions to adapt to guests’ individual anatomy; a WellMassage4D table; and MLX quartz table.

In addition to the wellness treatments, you can also get some beauty treatments at the spa, including hot shaves and fresh cuts for men.

2. Enjoy a Unique Workout

We know what you’re thinking: But I’m on vacation! I don’t want to work out! Well, once you see the Celebrity Edge fitness center, we think you’ll change your mind.

Never before has working out been so enjoyable. This modern fitness center includes all the cool equipment you need, like Peloton bikes. You can also join classes and group activities, like hot yoga, group cycles and cardio boxing.

3. Take a Trip to the Theatre

Entertainment is a real treat during a Celebrity Edge cruise. One of the primary places to enjoy a show is The Theatre. There are four stage areas, three moving projection screens and more, to make sure that you have a fully immersive experience.

Celebrity Edge Theatre
Photo By: Celebrity Cruises

The main stage extends into the audience and a duo-directional rotating platform rises above the stage. There are additionally two rotating spiral staircases, 10 synchronized panoramic projection screens, 16 video mapping laser projectors and aerial performance rigging. If you wanted to see a totally modern, totally tricked out, totally futuristic show, this is the place to do it.

There are five new full production shows at the Theatre, including a Shakespeare-inspired A Hot Summer Night’s Dream, for light theater with awesome acrobatics; The Jewelry Box, a technological wonder; Kaleidoscope, a music and dance performance; Get Up, a pop concert-style show; and The Purpose, an uplifting production.

4. Head to The Club

The Club offers you totally different experiences depending on the hour of the day that you visit. In the daylight hours, The Club gives you cool, fun activities like a laser maze challenge and drone hunting laser obstacle course.

At night, though, it transforms to become Undercover at The Club, a contemporary but Prohibition-inspired 1920s club, with an aerial saxophonist.

The Club - Deck 4 Forward PortsideCelebrity EDGE - Celebrity Cruises
The Club – Deck 4 Forward Portside
Celebrity EDGE – Celebrity Cruises (Photo By: Celebrity Cruises)

Special amenities at The Club include Andromeda, a body scanner that lets you become someone else for the evening and the Hypno Cam, so you can pass around a high-tech camera and have your photos displayed on a giant screen.

5. Hang Out in the Grand Plaza

The Grand Plaza is the heart of a Celebrity Edge cruise. Designed with the extravagant transatlantic steamers of old in mind, the Grand Plaza spans three decks and a multitude of social and public spaces. If you come here to hang out, you can do something different each time you arrive.

The Martini Bar sits underneath a striking light feature and art installation, The Chandelier, composed of nearly 800 blades of LED strips and weighing in at a magnificent seven tons.

Celebrity Edge Grand Plaza
Photo by Steve Dunlop

You can access lots of different restaurants from the Grand Plaza, including Raw on 5, Fine Cut Steakhouse, Le Grand Bistro and the Grand Plaza’s own cafe. It’s the place to come to enjoy some live music, socialize with other cruisers or grab just a small bite or a drink.

6. Conduct Some Business

Don’t think that just because you’re on a Celebrity Edge cruise that you have to leave the business world behind you. If you just can’t let it go, take advantage of the ship’s Meeting Place.

This state-of-the-art meeting venue sits on nearly 2,000 square feet in a central location and offers lots of seating options, private office space, mobile bars for food and beverages and more.

Celebrity Edge, The Meeting Place

So, if you want to take your work crew on a cruise and still get some business done while you’re at it, this is the place to make it happen. Never before has the company retreat been so cool! You’ll be the boss of the year for sure.

7. Dine in Style

The Celebrity Edge cruise experience includes some really amazing dining options. The main dining plan includes four complimentary restaurants, each with a specific ambience.

There’s the Tuscan Restaurant, which is like Celebrity’s Tuscan Grille that you might find on other ships, with freshly made pastas and other Italian fare.

There’s Normandie Restaurant, a French-inspired eatery. There’s Cyprus Restaurant, with Mediterranean and Greek flavors.

Then, there’s Cosmopolitan Restaurant, for American cuisine. All of them together offer the largest selection of dishes found on a Celebrity ship yet, with lots of cocktails, wines and more to complement your dining experience.

Celebrity Edge Steakhouse
Fine Cut Steakhouse – Deck 5 Midship Portside
Celebrity EDGE – Celebrity Cruises

Of course, there are also extra dining experiences not included within the main dining plan. There’s the Fine Cut Steakhouse, which is well worth the extra cost, for the elevated service and the premium cuts.

The Rooftop Garden Grill treats you to a backyard barbecue at sea. Eden Restaurant is an open-air kitchen that’s as much a performance as it is a dinner. Raw on 5 is all about the seafood.

8. Take Two Tickets to Paradise

The Celebrity Edge gives you the chance to visit Paradise and we’re not talking about the beautiful islands and destinations you’ll see on your trip. We’re talking about Eden, the unique onboard venue.

What is it? Well, Eden is a three-deck, humongous, gigantic space with more outward-facing glass than any other room at sea.

Eden is larger than both the Hayden Planetarium in New York City and the Van Gogh Museum atrium in Amsterdam. It’s really an architectural site to see. But what can you do there?

Eden Lounge – Deck 5/6 Aft
Celebrity EDGE – Celebrity Cruises

Well, in the morning, you can head to Eden for a peaceful respite and enjoy some yoga, some quiet time or a cup of coffee, all with a spectacular view.

Then, in the afternoon, maybe you head there for a fun activity, like a seminar or cooking demonstration. You might also watch an acrobatic or musical performance. At night, the space transforms into Eden Restaurant.

There’s also Eden Bar with its creative Library of Plants, an 18-foot living wall of ingredients and garnishes that go right into your drink.

9. Retreat from the Worries of Daily Life

Another unique space aboard Celebrity Edge is The Retreat. This exclusive utopia features a private pool and private sundeck, as well as a private lounge. Guests at The Retreat enjoy 24/7 personal butler service and access to a private restaurant that no other guests can enjoy — Luminae at The Retreat.

10. Live the Suite Life

Of course, if you’re considering booking The Retreat experience, you’ll likely also want to consider the other suite options available to you. There are two new suite categories available to travelers.

Celebrity Edge

The new Iconic Suites — and there are only two of them available — are nearly 2,600 square feet each, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and awesome views from nearly every room. You have your own private dining room and a 700-square-foot veranda.

Then, there’s the Edge Villas, with two stories of windows, private plunge pools and exclusive access to The Retreat’s private sundeck.

11. Enjoy the View

Travelers flock to rooftop experiences around the world, so why would your cruising experience be any different?

Celebrity Edge Rooftop Garden
Photo by Steve Dunlop

Head to the ship’s Rooftop Garden, where you can enjoy the daily tended greenery during the daylight hours, along with carefully curated games and activities, and then enjoy some live music and outdoor film showings at night. The Taste of Film experience pairs the outdoor film viewing with a meal.

12. Shop ’til You Drop

The Celebrity Shops are unmatched. You can find all your favorite luxury brands, plus unique finds that you might not discover anywhere else. From Bulgari to Cartier to Tiffany, all your favorites are here. You can also find exclusive Edge-branded items, fashion trunk show collections, premium liqueurs and spirits, fragrances, souvenirs and more.

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Ready to Go?

All of the above comes together to create an exclusive experience that you’ll only find aboard a Celebrity Edge cruise. Nowhere else on the planet does such luxury and sophistication meld for a unique vacation that you’ll never want to end.

From the extravagant suites and social spaces, to the seemingly never-ending spa options, from the tantalizing dining to the world-class performances, all your bases are covered.

If you’ve never quite thought cruising was up to your high luxury travel standards, then a Celebrity Edge cruise is the one to change your mind. Ready to go? We thought so.

How about a Celebrity Edge cruise? Find out why you should travel on the most advanced ship in the fleet from Celebrity Cruises. Loads of tips and things to do for anyone in the family.

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How about a Celebrity Edge cruise? Find out why you should travel on the most advanced ship in the fleet from Celebrity Cruises. Loads of tips and things to do for anyone in the family.
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