The Reason Why Carnival Changes Rule on Vista-Class Cruise Ships

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Carnival Cruise Line has provided the reason why the rule for the Havana pool deck is being changed on its Vista-class cruise ships.

Rule Change for Havana Bar

Carnival Cruise Line will change the rules for its exclusive Havana deck area starting from November 2, 2019. The new rule change impacts all the Vista-class cruise ships including Carnival Vista, Carnival Horizon and the upcoming Carnival Panorama which arrives this December.

Guests who are not booked in the Havana cabins and suites will no longer be able to enjoy the Havana pool deck area after 7:00 PM. The cruise line has said the reason is to make the space more exclusive as guests who are booked in those rooms, and paying more can enjoy their time on the deck.

Carnival Cruise Line Ambassador John heald posted the following about the rule change:

As you know on Carnival Vista and Carnival Horizon and soon to come on Carnival Panorama we have some very special Havana Cabins and Suites. One of the perks for these higher price rooms is the glorious Havana deck with pool, hot tubs and glorious oversized sun chairs.

This deck was private from 6am to 7:00pm and only guests wearing one of the rotated coloured wrist bands were allowed to use the Havana Deck area.

Then at 7pm the deck and pool was open to everyone

On November 2nd we will change this rule . Access to the Havana Pool will be reserved only for guests occupying Havana accommodations and Grand Suites and wearing the right colour wrist band at all times including evening hours.

Now a fee of you may thing this is a bit harsh but we really do want to make sure our guests who have booked premium Havana staterooms and Grand Suites to be able to fully enjoy the special features that come with Havana accommodations.

The Havana Bar and the brilliant cocktails and Live Music from the Latin Bands is of course open to all guests at all times.

This rule change does not impact the Havana Bar which is just inside from the pool area. Everyone will still be able to enjoy the live music and cocktails at the bar along with dancing through the night after 7:00 PM.

The outside deck area is currently private from 6:00 AM – 7:00 PM but outside those hours guests are able to enjoy the exclusive pool, nice large sun loungers and jacuzzis no matter what cabin they are in.

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Carnival Cruise Line will enforce the new rule from November 2, 2019, by checking guest wrist bands and knowing which accommodations they are booked into.

If you are on one of the Vista-class cruise ships then do make the most of the space before the majority of passengers will have to remain at the main pools on the lido deck.

Carnival Vista is the first ship in the class which entered service in 2016. She was followed by sister ship Carnival Horizon in 2018 and now the Carnival Panorama will begin cruises from the U.S. west coast this December. The ships are 133,500 gross tons with a guest capacity of over 3,900 at double occupancy.

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