Big Cruise Ships Banned From Sailing Into Venice

The Italian government has decided to ban big cruise ships from sailing through the Venice lagoon and docking.

Activists Chain Themselves to Large Cruise Ship In Venice

Activists in Venice have upped their game when it comes to large cruise ships using the lagoon in the Italian city.

Gunshot Scare Onboard MSC Cruise Ship

Local news in Italy is reporting there was a gunshot scare onboard a MSC Cruise ship while docked in Venice, Italy

Viking Sea Shines During Maiden Voyage

Viking Sea, the new ocean cruise ship by Viking Cruises shines while arriving at Venice, Italy on its maiden voyage from Istanbul, Turkey.

Large Cruise Ships No longer Banned From Sailing Passed Venice

Good news for cruise passengers and cruise lines but bad news for those locals who have been trying to stop large cruise ships sailing passed central parts of the Italian city.

New Route Needed After Venice Bans Large Cruise Ships

Large cruise ships over 96,000 tons have now been banned from sailing near St Marks square in Venice and along the shoreline to the...

Court Suspends Large Cruise Ship Ban In Venice

A regional court in Venice on Monday suspended the ban which stops large cruise ships from cruising down the Venice lagoon near the shore...