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Cruise Ships Cancel Bermuda Visits Due to Bad Weather

Two Cunard ships have been forced to cancel a call in Bermuda on the weekend due to bad weather.

Cunard Line is Returning to Alaska in 2019

Cunard Line is returning to Alaska in 2019 with the Queen Elizabeth vessel.

Two British Ships With the Same Name Meet for the Very First Tme

Two well-known ships met up which both have the same name. One cruise ship operated by Cunard Line and a Royal Navy ship.

Thousands of People Watched 3 Cunard Ships Dance On The Mersey

Over the weekend Cunard Line had a huge event to celebrate the company's 175th anniversary. Thousands of people watched the festivities along the River Mersey in Liverpool.

All 3 Cunard Cruise Ships Meet On Liverpool’s River Mersey

One of the biggest highlights of the 2015 cruise industry is the huge event on Liverpool's River Mersey on May 25th.

Cunard Fleet Coming Together For Huge UK Celebrations

Cunard Line has already started to bring the entire UK cruise industry together thanks to the entire fleet celebration the cruise lines 175th Anniversary throughout 2015.

Cunard Passenger Dies After Falling Between Tender & Ship

Cunard Line have confirmed that a passenger has sadly dies after falling while boarding the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship on April 1st.

Passengers Angry After Cunard Cruise Ship Circles English Channel For 4 Days

It's being reported that passengers aboard a Cunard cruise ship have been angered after the vessel circled the English channel for four days.

Video of Cunards Queen Elizabeth Multi Million Refurbishment

Cunard Line have released of the best refurbishment videos yet compared to other cruise line refurbishments. The video was filmed during the cruise line Queen...